Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Post-Op appointment was today!

So today I had what I can say is one of my best doctor appointments.  I went to have my first appointment after my lap band procedure.  The Physician assistant came in and pretty much started out by saying the usual pleasantries then said let me read my notes.  She pointed out that she had seen me on Sept 28th and today was October 28th.  So in one month I had lost..........27 pounds!  She was extremely happy.  I too was very happy.  The dietitian was called away to a family emergency so she will call me tomorrow and hopefully get me started on a soft diet.  So at that stage.....if I can smash it with a fork or blend it in a blender I can have it.  So I am looking forward to getting some real food in my body.  Wow 27 pounds in 1 month what a great start on this journey!!

So tonight I was sitting here and my stomach was really talking to me and I am trying to figure out why I am so hungry.....after thinking about it I realized in regards to calorie count I was about about 300 for the day.  Today I had a protein shakes and then two different soup at hands.  No wonder I feel hungry.  I think when Tony gets home and has something to eat I may have some jello or something. 

Twenty-seven pounds seems like a lot but I guess I do not really see 27 pounds gone.  I do feel somewhat less tired and I do admit that my jeans are not snug and some of my shirts look better but I guess I have not had one of those moments where I really look in the mirror and say wow, but I am sure it will be soon!

This weekend is Halloween so I am sure the kids ad I will be busy with lots of activities.  So my first fill of my lap band is set for December 2nd so that will be nice that it will be after Thanksgiving.  Well I hope you had a great day and Friday and the weekend are right around the corner so enjoy the time with those you love! 

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