Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wow what a week!!!

Wow! Is about how I can sum up this week.  So Tuesday was the day of my surgery and before I left I weighed in at 307.5.  The surgery went great and most of Tuesday was spent resting lots of sleeping to be honest.  Wednesday morning I woke feeling pretty refreshed and ready to face the day ahead.  Early morning Tony went to see his grandma who was dying of cancer.   Tony called about 9ish to let me know that his dear grandma Virginia had passed away.  Rest of the day I pretty much rested and sort of thought about the week ahead.  By Thursday morning I was down to 303 I think and so I was pretty excited.  Friday morning I was down to 300.5 and so excited that on Saturday I was going to have a Biggest Loser moment when that scale went below 300 for the first time since before I was pregnant with Raegyn.  We had a girl scout cookout that I was not able to eat at but I knew that once I got home I could have some soup and prepare for my small victory in the morning.  So Saturday morning came and as I prepared to step onto the scale I prayed that I would see a 2 as my first number and I looked down to see.............297.2????  You got to be kidding me.  I pretty much ran in to tell Tony who was still sleeping.  I was so excited!!!  So I will admit rest of Saturday was sort of tough but in the end I made it through!  We traveled to Pontiac to Tony's Grandma's funeral services.  Now let me remind you I am on a liquid diet at this time.  I can have protein shakes, soup that is pretty much strained, jello, that kind of stuff.  So I started my day off with a protein shake so when we got to the funeral home and all the kids found the wonderful tray for fruit and pastries and another family members in laws brought I was able to say wow that looks nice but I am feeling content.  We had a wonderful funeral service for Grandma and the ladies of the church made a nice luncheon.  I am thankful that even during my pre diet I would drink my shake sitting with my family while they would eat yummy stuff, was able to practice disciplined social interaction that does not have to  revolve around food.    I almost think it bothered some of those around me, since they felt bad,  that I was having water rather than the meal offered to us.  Sure some things looked really good and smelled great but I think that me being able to look at the goal and know that I can do this I was able to still sit and have a nice time with those around me.  Afterwards we headed back to the house and after a few pictures and I was changed it was time for some yummy potato soups that I tried to get without chunks.  So I had a small bowl of soup and felt great since the soup was awesome.  The lady who use to help care for grandma is a wonderful cook and she brought this big container of potato soup and that is my staple food while in Pontiac and that is fine with me since it is so yummy.   So after some family visiting and such it was time for more food.  What is that smell??  BBQ pork???  Now that is not fair!!!  So it seems that smells is what is driving me nuts.  To bad I don't have a cold so that I would be unable to smell that bbq.  So I heated up some soup.  Took a baby bite of Seth's beef stroganoff and a baby bite of bbq from Tony.  At this point my band is not very tight so I probably could have cheated a little but like Tony said I have come so far why mess it up now.  So I am being good letting my stomach heal from all the trauma from the surgery. Overall we had a great day with family except for the reason as to why we were there but Grandma would all want us to be happy, loving, and continue her legacy of being a wonderful person to others.  Once we got home I was worn out.  I had a Popsicle and pretty much went to bed a little before 10.  My incisions are a bit sore and the muscle wall that my port is in is sore which is to be expected so by the time I went to bed I was sure ready.  So this morning my first stop after the bathroom is the scale  and the big news was..........295.5  I am so amazed in the success that I am seeing. 
Last night while driving I admitted to Tony that I am sort of kicking myself a little.  This whole lap band is a journey/process, but last night I told Tony that I am glad that I decided to do this and sort of wish I would have done it before now.  On one had I am so proud of myself for being so disciplined and such because I am really seeing the results.  On the other hand I ask myself why is it that it took me this long and why could I not just make small changes why did I have to pretty much take an all or nothing approach.  I told a friend that the 2 weeks prior to surgery were going to be tough and probably 2 weeks after surgery and so far I rocking so it seems that my future keeps getting brighter and brighter for me.  Today will be filled with finishing laundry, some house work, and packing.  The kids are wanting to go to a Halloween party tonight so we have a busy day and I better get going before Tony has to head to work and I loose my best helper.  Like I said I am sore and I have a 20 pound lifting restriction so I am able to adapt to doing some chores but still pretty limited on what I can do.  Thanks for every one's support and condolences since Tony's grandma passed away.  We will be traveling to Tiffin Ohio tomorrow so we can do services and burial there.  Travel after a lap band surgery could be interesting but I am going to travel with soup at hands, jello, an protein shakes.  Thanks again for your support and I will hopefully be able to post more blogs in the next few days!  Have a wonderful Sunday!

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