Thursday, March 31, 2011

The meds are GONE!!!!!

So today at my primary doctors appointment I got some exciting news.  The medication I was taking to help with my pre diabetes and the meds for my high blood pressure are to be discontinued as of TODAY!!!  I was so glad that we have made it to this point.  My A1C test which measures how the body deals with the insulin and such was right where he wanted it to be and we expected that since last time I was  so close.  He had hoped that I could keep my blood pressure in check and if so he would remove that and he is thrilled with my blood pressure reading that I have had the last several doctors visits so out goes that medication.  I was a little frustrated that I had to wait an hour and 15 min to see him but it was so worth it once he come in to see me.  He is the kind of doctor who seems like he is always behind but really it is because he spends time with his patients.  He really boosted my moral even more today because we talked about what a change I have made in the last year since he met me.  I am not only physically a different person but more so how I view  my overall health/lifestyle/future.  He was amazed that I have not had any fills since December and I am still posting such great numbers.  I had 9,11,  and 12 pound weight losses in the last 3 months or so since he has seen me.  I was so pumped up when I left his office today. 

Today I am at 233 which is 91 pounds down from when I started.  McKenna suggested today that we go get our nails done when I hit 100 pounds.  I am not sure what I am going to do.  Maybe someone should give me or Tony especially some suggestions!  The doctor and I did talk about my new next goal.  Of course 100 pounds lost will be big.  My goal was to be 200 so I am pretty close to that also.  It was decided that after my goal is met and I celebrate my accomplishment then my next goal should probably be 175 he thought if I get in the 160 that is to much so......Today my goal is to push towards that 100 pounds lost then we will shoot for the 125 lost so I can become ONEderful at 199 and then  we will set some mini goals to get to 175 because I have a feeling that is where it is going to get hard!  I want to thank all of you for your constant encouragement and prayers it has really been appreciated!  Jane

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Purged the closet again

The wardrobe drama after a major weight loss is never ending.  I feel like my closet and drawers are getting lighter and lighter as I loose weight.  Well leave it to my friend Jen to come to the rescue yesterday.  One of my best friends has had phenomenal results from her weight loss plan that she has been working on for a few years.  I think she has lost a half a person and I am so proud of her.  She is such a great friend since she is able to chat with me the challenges that we women especially face after major weight loss.  Not only did her and I have a wonderful lunch and excellent girl talk yesterday she gave me some of her clothes that she is way out of in her journey.  I knew some of them were about a size smaller than I needed but I still was thankful to her for giving them to me.  To my wonderful surprise I realized that I am in the size in some of the shirts and such!  It was so exciting to have some shirts that were an 18/20.  When is the last time I wore that size???  So to recap.....I was in some 30/32 and now I had some 18/20 on last night?  HOORAY!!!!  While I was putting in some new things and some things for in a few weeks I went through my closet again and have another huge pile of stuff I can take to consign.  Yesterday Jen and I talked about how it is sad to get rid of some of your favorites.  I have a little black dress that I have worn to a wedding and a couple of other nice outings and sadly it is too big.  I told Tony that I will need to buy another little black dress when I get at the end of my journey and he will have to take me somewhere nice!  I officially have no shorts so I am on the search for cheap shorts at my usual stops of Goodwill and Salvation Army.  Jen did give me a couple pairs of Capri's but I think they are a size smaller than I am now.....maybe I will have to work hard and make those be my new size :) 

So not only did I get to go through some old close and set them in the "Celebration bag" I got some new awesome clothes from an awesome friend.  While we had lunch she posed a couple of good questions.  Ones that I have thought a lot about and decided to share them in case you too have wondered what my answer would be.  Jen has always been the type of friend who can get me thinking :) 

 When I first started the journey I said my goal was 225 since I remember playing basketball at that weight....well Tony encouraged me to set a goal of 200 since he thought I would be able to achieve that.  Well as Jen pointed out yesterday I am 34 pounds from my goal.  She wondered if I was going to re evaluate my goal.  Hmmmm that is a good question.  I guess I do want to be ONEderful and hit 199 but I think after I hit 199 I will discuss this with my Lap Band doctor and my primary as to what is a good range/goal for me.  I never did this to get to the average size.  I mearly wanted to get healthy.  I do know that you need goals so I am guessing I may set smaller goals of 10 pounds at a time maybe.  Great that has me thinking. 

Another question she has asked me is, at what point do you allow your self to treat yourself with bread, sweets, diet soda?  Well overall I am still very ridged on what I allow myself to eat.  Except for the almond m&m's  (why are those my new addiction?"  lol  Bread I don't think will ever really come back into my diet because my band really does not like such stuff.  So my band may win on that one.  Sweets?  Well I allow myself to have stuff but not much and also I have noticed that my band does not care for much cake and stuff.  The only thing that I will not allow myself to have at this time and I will at some point probably in moderation and that is Diet Coke. I was a pop addict.  I still wonder if I have the willpower to not fall back in the habit.  I know that sounds funny to me too.....not have the willpower??? I know I have lost 90 pounds but I just am afraid that Diet Coke could beat me!  At least I recognize it.  mmmmm I can taste one right now :)  The nice thing with Lap Band is it does to an extent remind you to eat slow, chew well, and even eat foods that it wants.  Breads and Pastas are not friends with my band.  With that said, my lap band loves ice cream and such so I have to really use my willpower in regards to that :)   So I guess I will always operate like I do now except maybe branch out and try a few more "treats". 

So things are very exciting for me.  I feel great, I get so many compliments and I personally and starting to believe that I am looking great.  I have always had a decent self esteem but I did have a few years there where it was not at its best.  I am so thankful that I had the courage and determination to do this for myself and my family.  My kids love that I am able to be more active with them and I have a feeling that my husband loves the new woman he is married to.  Have a great day and do something for yourself today! 

Friday, March 25, 2011

I feel GREAT!!!

So we just returned from our mini vacation to St. Louis with the kids and my sister.  I have to say that I truly have not felt this good in a very long time.  It is so hard to put into words how great it feels that I can walk 2 and a half miles and not have any pain in my knee or my body at all.  I participated in activities with the kids that I would have never dreamt of doing a year ago.  My poor swimsuits are too big but I was able to find one that fit me well enough I did not look like a total idiot.  It is just amazing when I look at pictures from last spring break and this spring break! Scary almost. 

What a difference a year has made in my life!  I actually called the doctors office today to fill them in on my progress.  As I have stated before, a typical Lap Band patient gets a "fill" every 5-6 weeks or so. A fill is when they use a needle to put a little bit of fluid into the band to tighten it.  I have a band that will hold 10 cc and I currently have 4cc in my band.  Well I had a fill December 2nd and was weighing 276 that day.  When I went back for my next fill on January 6th I was down to 261.  I actually met with Dr. Rohrscheibe that day and it was decided that since I was doing so well working the program on my own lets just see how long I can go on my own.  The deal was when the scale stopped moving down, I felt I was eating more or just I thought I needed a fill to get a hold of him.  There have been a few days where I have thought I needed to get a fill and Tony always encourages me to go back to the basics and ask myself, what have I been eating, how much water am I drinking, and how much exercise am I getting.  When I look at these things I am able to get back on track.  Today I am 234 and I feel like things only continue to get better health wise for me. 

I am really needing to hit the jackpot in regards to some new clothes.  I feel like I keep putting more and more in the celebration box.  This is a great thing but I need clothes.  I am having lunch with a great friend today and she is going to bring me some of her clothes.  I am hoping a few of those work now if not soon I will be in that size. 

This has been such a great journey, one that I have been thrilled to share with others.  I am very proud of my progress and I feel that I need to "pay it forward".  I want to help educate others about Lap Band.  It is not for everyone and I will be the first one to admit that, I will also warn others I am not a typical case...I have been very fortunate and my hard work has paid off!  I hope you are able to do something today for yourself and your health!  Take care!  Jane

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is here!

Not only is spring here but also Spring Break for my kids!  Our kids have a two week break from school so on Monday morning we are headed to St. Louis for a few days to tour the city and have some fun.  We plan to head to the Arch, The Zoo and the City Museum. My sister is actually going with us so Tony and I may just get a little alone time in St Louis too!  I am hoping that we can make it to Union station while we are there.  As my sister in law would say...I need some retail therapy.  If I do not get it in St. Louis I think I am going to get it once I get back.  Like I said in my last post I am going through a lot of clothes lately and I am needing some new clothes. 

This past week was a good one.  I lost a few more pounds so I am down a total of 88 pounds.  This week I really felt that I had figured the whole eating thing out.  As you may know I eat soup every morning whether I am at work or home.  This past week I decided that I needed to get out of my comfort zone and try a couple of other foods for breakfast.  Watermelon and bananas were both well accepted by my band this week.  I will admit that I tend to get comfortable with certain foods and I am trying to eat new things.  I have learned to just stay relaxed , eat slowly, and chew extremely well.  This afternoon I did a first....we went out to Montana Mikes for lunch as a family and with my dad and sister.  I actually had steak.  Of course I was a little nervous about this but I remembered to eat slow, chew well and stay relaxed.  Of course I do not eat much but I was able to enjoy some of the loaded cheese fries for our appetizer, a little salad, some steak, and baked potato. Seth, McKenna, Raegyn and I all shared the large steak. I was so full but I was glad that I was able to eat what I wanted and had minimal problems.  I have learned that sometimes if I walk that will sometimes help the "stuck" food move but today when I made it to the rest room I had a little problem but overall it was minor and I am so glad that I was able to enjoy my first steak meal out since my surgery. 
Also this weekend I went to my hometown and seen lots of people who know me from my youth and have been following my story.  It feels so wonderful all the positive feedback I get from people on all of my hard work.  I actually seen someone who's daughter had considered Lap Band and I encouraged her to have her contact me with any questions.  If you know someone who has questions about Lap Band have them check out my blog and even more importantly have them ask me questions.  I feel that part of my success is also to share my journey.  This makes me accountable and it encourages me to continue to learn more about my tool and how it can improve my overall life.  LIFE is WONDERFUL right now!!!  I get asked how I feel.  I feel the best I ever had!  My knee does not hurt hardly at all, I have energy, and I am excited about the new me.  Little things like clothes and jewelry are starting to make me excited.  I am starting to feel more feminine again.  Pray for Tony!!!  I have not started shopping yet but he has given me the green light I just hope I do not get carried away and he shows me the yellow light!  LOL 

I want to end my blog today with a quote I found in a magazine that comes from the Biggest Loser.  I keep this by my computer and it inspires me!  Be inspired to do something for YOU today!  Take care of your health, this includes your emotional health.  Pamper yourself, go for a walk but most of all smile today and the whole world will smile with you! 

"Believe in yourself. Trust the process. Change forever!"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My wardrobe is shrinking

I am very excited and scared to admit that my wardrobe is shrinking.  It totally amazes me how many things I put on and they do not fit because they are to big.  It is such an exciting thing but yet scary since I hate to spend money on clothes that do not last long for me.  I am an avid Goodwill and Salvation Army shopper.  I also hit a consignment shop in Champaign called Karen's Closet once and a while.  Well I have my celebration bag in which I keep emptying because I am going through clothes so fast.  Last night when my sister was here I encouraged her to take anything she wanted and she did not really want anything so today I looked at all the clothes and decided that they will never fit again that they are leaving.  I decided I was going to try to consign my clothes and so I took an Ikea bag full of clothes to Karen's Closet in hopes they would take some to consign.  They took almost all of them.  I am so hoping that they sell soon and for lots of money so then I can go shop for more clothes in their store or elsewhere.  I was so glad that we had a high of 64 degrees today but it also scared me since all my shorts are size 24-28 and I currently have been wearing a size 20.  I need to keep my eyes open for some summer clothes since those shorts will be needed soon I hope! 

A few stats to share:  As of today I have lost 86 pounds, 13 BMI points, was wearing a 28 Jeans and now I am wearing a 20 today :) 

So life is so exciting right now for me!  I am so glad that you have joined in on the journey!  I had a hair cut the other day and I absolutely love it!  Next week I am going on a mini vacation to St Louis with my family and my sister and I am really looking forward to it!  I feel great and I am so glad that I made the decision to change my life for the better! 

My new haircut!  I think I need to go get my eyes checked and get some new glasses.  It is so funny....I have actually had people mistaken me for someone else lately.  I love that I have this new "look"  It is amazing what a transformation I have done in just 5 months!!!  Wow I am so happy that I am doing so well.  I am tolerating foods better and even trying new foods and learning how to listen to my band even better.  Well take care and more to come soon!  Jane

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Small victories

Good morning to my faithful followers.  So today is Saturday March 5th and as you know I typically have Saturdays off.  Well today I am off and boy am I glad about that!  The problem is.....I woke up at 4:20 this morning as if it were a work day and I could not fall back to sleep.  That stinks.  In the mean time I have folded some laundry, started more laundry, ran the dishwasher, read a magazine and now have done some computer time.  I thought since everyone is still sleeping at 6:15 I might as well write a blog.  This week has been sort of a small victories week!  I love those weeks. 

We were fortunate enough to get some furniture from Tony's grandmas house this past weekend so I have been busy switching out dresser drawers.  Tony and I have grandmas set and we gave the girls ours.  While going through my stuff I was able to get rid of more stuff that was to big and some of it down right sloppy on me.  It is so exciting to try something on that use to be to small and now it is sloppy.  I have a pile of stuff that I want to donate to Goodwill and then another bag that I am going to try to consign.  I guess we will see if that works out, since I have heard the place can be sort of picky.  We will see. 

Another victory this week was when I did finally go to the gym I got on the treadmill to do my thing I realized that I left my ipod in my coat pocket.  So instead of getting off of my favorite treadmill I decided that I was going to work hard with out music and spend some time with God and myself.  I did some praying, some thanking and some asking for my encouragement from the Lord.  I also spent time praising myself for my hard work and determination.  Sometimes it is hard form me to believe how far I have come on this journey.  It is sooooo exciting!  I also tried to make some goals as to how I am going to keep getting stronger, healthier and toner. 

As you may know I have two shows that I dvr every week that help inspire me and helps me learn new motivations in this battle of the bulge.  I watch The Biggest Loser on NBC which airs on Tuesdays and then I also enjoy Heavy which is on A&E on Monday nights.  The thing I like about Heavy is that there is also a psychological component to the show.  Most large people do not eat because we are hungry we eat for comfort, anger, boredom, sadness ect.  I like that this show actually shows the people working on the demons that helped them get to the size they were.  These demons do not leave with each pound loss....granted I feel like I am able to fight  them better now but I will never 100% ward them off.  I am learning alot about why I eat and learning how to change those things.  It is a journey that is for sure!  On the Biggest Loser this week I have to admit I cried several times.  The contestants got to go home for 2 weeks after being on the ranch for 8.  Some of these people have lost 50-100+ pounds in 8 weeks.  They had little homecoming celebrations for these people in their home towns.  It was so neat to see them come in and hear all the cheers, see all the tears, and the general excitement that people have for them and their transformations.  I may not get the big parties everyday but almost daily someone from my hometown , work, old friends or just people who have not seen me comment on how great I am looking. We have already established that this is such a new thing for me but wow do I LOVE it now!  LOL  It makes me feel great that I have embraced something and I have succeeded with it. 

Another victory came this morning.  I have been pushing for the 80 pound mark and I made it this morning with a weigh in of down 81 pounds.  I will admit I weigh every morning and well that is not always the wisest thing since especially us women we fluctuate all the time.  But in my heart if that scale hits 80 I count it!  When there is a decrease in weight I am able to be proud of my accomplishment and when the scale goes the other direction I am able to ask myself, how much water did I drink, what did I eat differently, did I workout, and the worst and I will admit it......Did you really need those almond M&M's.  We all have our chocolate needs as women.  So I try not to let the scale drive me nuts and some days it does but I just feel the urge to weigh everyday.  I should work on trying to not do it promises. 

I almost forgot this victory!!  I think it made Seth a little  mad.  I had a  Nike Coat that I had from my sister or somewhere and it was a little big on him but I told him to hold on to it and someday it would fit well yesterday for the heck of it I put it on and it fit.  So I think I am reclaiming that coat.  Don't think Seth liked that idea.  LOL  Tony's response was I can wear you Thomasboro Track jacket.  Gosh I love that coat but it is look sloppy on me.  Well I may just have to order me a new coat next time PTO does orders. 

I titled this small victories... so I hate to end it on a down note but I promised last week to work more on my protein intake and work outs.  Well I made it one day this week and I did not make any shakes.  I guess it is hard sometimes with my schedule but God bless my girls, almost everyday this week they came home to see if we were going to they gym so I told them next week you have to make mom go!  I am so glad that they love the kid center gal and they love knowing that me working hard at my weight loss makes me a better mom in the long run! 

Well in about a half hours I am going to wake up my garage sale partner McKenna and see if she is ready to go to a big sale at a local school.  I am hoping to find some clothes since I am the ever shrinking mom!  What a great problem. Have a great day!