Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My wardrobe is shrinking

I am very excited and scared to admit that my wardrobe is shrinking.  It totally amazes me how many things I put on and they do not fit because they are to big.  It is such an exciting thing but yet scary since I hate to spend money on clothes that do not last long for me.  I am an avid Goodwill and Salvation Army shopper.  I also hit a consignment shop in Champaign called Karen's Closet once and a while.  Well I have my celebration bag in which I keep emptying because I am going through clothes so fast.  Last night when my sister was here I encouraged her to take anything she wanted and she did not really want anything so today I looked at all the clothes and decided that they will never fit again that they are leaving.  I decided I was going to try to consign my clothes and so I took an Ikea bag full of clothes to Karen's Closet in hopes they would take some to consign.  They took almost all of them.  I am so hoping that they sell soon and for lots of money so then I can go shop for more clothes in their store or elsewhere.  I was so glad that we had a high of 64 degrees today but it also scared me since all my shorts are size 24-28 and I currently have been wearing a size 20.  I need to keep my eyes open for some summer clothes since those shorts will be needed soon I hope! 

A few stats to share:  As of today I have lost 86 pounds, 13 BMI points, was wearing a 28 Jeans and now I am wearing a 20 today :) 

So life is so exciting right now for me!  I am so glad that you have joined in on the journey!  I had a hair cut the other day and I absolutely love it!  Next week I am going on a mini vacation to St Louis with my family and my sister and I am really looking forward to it!  I feel great and I am so glad that I made the decision to change my life for the better! 

My new haircut!  I think I need to go get my eyes checked and get some new glasses.  It is so funny....I have actually had people mistaken me for someone else lately.  I love that I have this new "look"  It is amazing what a transformation I have done in just 5 months!!!  Wow I am so happy that I am doing so well.  I am tolerating foods better and even trying new foods and learning how to listen to my band even better.  Well take care and more to come soon!  Jane

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