Friday, September 23, 2016

Too Blessed To Be Stressed

     Well it has been a little over a month since I had my Lap-Band revision.  I have to say the first week I did really great and lost a few pounds then life got back to normal.  At this point I am really about right where I started.  I had to go in yesterday for a check-up and I have to say I was a little hesitant since I knew that the scale doesn’t lie and it wasn’t going to be kind to me and lie to make me feel better.  As I walked in and the gorgeous September sun shown on my face I got thinking how my clothes actually seem to be fitting better, some recent labs had shown some good signs of positive change.  So when I checked in I thought, what do I have to be stressed about??? I am so blessed!  I have opportunities to help me get healthier, I have friends and family who are willing to help me and darn it, this time the journey might go slower but I am going to enjoy the journey this time.  I met with Laurie and she is so sweet and reassuring.  She was happy with my progress.  She reminded me that the day of surgery Dr. Rohrschibe took out a cc of insulin.  My response was I have 3 still in there I thought so shouldn't I feel more restricted??  She said nope, Jane you have like 1/3 of a cc currently in your band.  WHAT????  I have been doing pretty good with no help?  Hot Dogs!!!  So she put in 1 cc of saline and told me that I am a rock star and I will achieve all of my goals and just be patient that it isn’t going to be as fast this time, but that is okay. I will go back in a month and get another fill if I feel that I need it.  I love that I am in charge of my care!  
               In the past month I have tried to work on the entire me.  I have been reading a couple of books, looking for ways to be inspired and sway away from drama.  I have always had a hard time saying no and I am starting to get a little better about that and not feeling as guilty about it.  In October Tony and I are headed to Florida for a wedding and sure I may not have a beach body but I know that we will have a great time together enjoying the beach.  I have a couple of goals that I want to achieve before I go.  I am going to work hard to achieve them but if it doesn’t happen I can know that every step is on the path to a better lifestyle. 

               I appreciate the support I have gotten to this point and if I can help you please don’t ever hesitate to ask!  Jane