Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Well it is that time of the year that everyone takes time to make new year's resolutions.  I will admit in the past I have made some but few have I kept.  This past year I am sure I said I was going to get healthier and lose weight.  Well I guess I did do that!   In 2011 I have a new resolution, one that is going to probably be the hardest one I have ever set.  I am going to try to eliminate stress and stressors in my life.  I have always worn my heart on my sleeve and cared to much what people thought.  Today I had a WONDERFUL doctors appointment and she challenged me to put my needs first, my families needs first, and not worry about what others think.  So that is the plan.  I need to stop pleasing others and do things for me and the ones I love.  The days of me keeping the peace are well.......over I guess.  I can not let other people and their drama bring me down.  As much as I love brings me stress.  I worry to much about what the "Jones" are doing.  Every time someone who I guess I will say  pregnant and really is not in a great situation, financially marriage wise or etc,  I question why Tony and I tried for 3 years to have a baby and no luck and well some gals......can just pop them out.  I know this is not politically correct but there is my blog and my new years resolution, I am going to not let other peoples drama become my drama! I think so many times I read or see things on Facebook and I make it my drama.  Not anymore!!  I am going to avoid drama in all areas of my life.  I am not saying that I am going to become rude and avoide people but I have decided that I do not always have to do the "right" think to please others especially if it is not pleasing to me and God!

 This year I am making goals for my family too!  Tony and I both have joined the gym and I want to eat healthier this coming year as a family.  We want to have less tv in our home and more reading and interacting as a family.  I know that if we "get back to the basics" in our family things will be better overall......maybe not at first but I know in the end everyone will thank me for the change!  RIGHT????  I am very motivated to make changes in our lives.  This will be the year that hopefully brings us closer because we are going to eliminate distractions. 

This week in regards to my band has been....hard.  Food, especially meat and I have not gotten along well.  Weight has pretty much stayed the same which is fine with me since I have been still sampling Christmas cookies and other treats.  I go next week for another fill in my band so we will see if they feel that I need one or if I should wait.  I am sort of torn on what to do.  I want to keep filling and continue the weight loss but it seems that my body is still losing on its own and I am sort of struggling with some foods maybe I should hold off and once I get in the gym that will really help get more weight off and tone me up! 

I hope as 2010 comes to a close you are able to look back and think of all the great things that have happened in your life.  Also think about what you want to change in 2011.  I would love to hear what you want 2011 to bring you!  I am not expecting goals of 50 pounds of weight loss, new jobs and new homes but what I would love to hear about is those of you who want to spend a few extra moments with your family, spouse or  God.  I want my friends to set goals of doing something for themselves.  Goals of eating better, exercising more and maybe focusing on a charity.  We can not change the world but WE can change how we view and live in OUR world!  Have a great New Years eve and Day! 


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Milestones hit again!!

Well Happy Post Christmas day!  I had one busy week last week!  As a family we had such a blessed Christmas Day.  On Saturday morning my dad and my sister came over early in the morning to open gifts with all of us.  After lots of gift opening, lots of happy reactions it was time to eat some appetizers.  So you may remember from my last post that we typically have a variety of appetizers to celebrate Christmas.  So I had prepared; shrimp, wrapped pickles, cheese sausage crackers, meatballs, hedgehogs, wieners, cheese ball, and olives.  I had really been praying that I would be able to eat this meal sensibly and be able to enjoy it and you may be asking, how did it go??  It went Wonderful!!!  I was able to eat a little sample of everything I was interested in and it all was tolerated.  What a great small victory!!!  So after lots of family time my dad and sister headed back home since she needed to work later in the day.  So Tony and Seth went out to shovel the drive while I began doing lots of dishes.  I recap also from last week, we had a plumbing problem that has since been fixed but I am still being asked to not use my dish washer for a few more days so I had lots of stuff to do by hand but I got it done!  Now it was time to head to Tony's sister Trisha's home for family Christmas there.  So here was going to be my second testing meal of the day.  We had a wonderful meal!!!  Pork loin, ham, cheesy potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, lots of jello salads and such, and then later lots of wonderful pies.  Verdict for the second meal.....this too went great!  So me asking to be able to eat on Christmas was granted.  It was wonderful all the positive feedback I got yesterday with my weight loss.  I am getting more comfortable with the compliments and I am getting more comfortable eating around others and knowing how to listen to my body on how much to eat.  I do feel like when the kids were little I would put more on their plates than I do on my own right now.  I have learned to sample whatever I want and then if I still feel comfortable to maybe have another little taste of something!  Eating was a success yesterday!! 

Now is my time to I guess gloat and share some vital statistics.  As of today I have lost a total of 63 pounds since September 28th.  This brings me to the 51% mark of my total weight loss goal.  My BMI has dropped 9 points.  I am actually at the point where I would have not been approved for surgery without more health problems.  In regards to clothes I am getting rid of clothes each time I do laundry.  Pants are where I notice it the most....well since they seem to always be falling down even the ones I have bought at goodwill or have dug out of the back of my closet.  As far as shirts well I notice that too since I can not wear some of Tony's shirts!  This is such an exciting time.  Now it is time to start toning!  I asked Tony for workout clothes for Christmas and I got some and my dad said..."hell those look to big!"  He may be right!  I guess I am not giving myself enough credit when I sent Tony to shop.  I guess I will try them on and if too big go down another size!  So next week the Sprandel's are joining the gym.  Notice I said Tony too!  We will not be able to workout very often together but we both feel that it is time for the whole family to get involved on the healthy lifestyle! 

So as you can see we had a great week and an even better Christmas.  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too.  Thanks for all the support these  last few months! 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

What a week!

So today is Sunday and I typically consider this the beginning of my week but I guess it is the 7th day that the Lord created but, if that is the case wasn't I suppose to have rested today???  Well I had a good morning with my husband doing some cleaning around the house and he made the girls and I breakfast and then this afternoon I finished house work when he went to work.  The kids and I also made buckeyes and covered pretzels.  I at least have a few things off of my Pre-Christmas list.  Only a million more to do!   This Christmas has been very unique for me in some ways.

There are a few things that stick out to me more so this Christmas than any other.  For some reason I think I miss my mom more because of the small things, like baking with her, shopping with her, and well just silly things like knowing she would have loved our Christmas letter.  This will be the 4th Christmas without my mom here and wow does it seem like it has not been that long. 

I feel like I am more behind this year than any other year.  I did get my Christmas letter out somewhat timely but other than that, I am a little panicked.  I have not wrapped 1 present yet and still have a few odds and ends to pick up! 

Another huge thing that I am sort of worried about is eating.  I know sounds weird huh??  Well most people are worried about not eating to much or gaining weight, I am worried about being able to enjoy especially my Christmas day meals.  Pretty much since Tony and I have been together the traditional "Hamlow" Christmas meal of; Ham, Scalloped potatoes, green beans and shrimp cocktails has been replaced by appetizers.  This is totally the case now that we have decided to make our our traditions since my is not with us.  So as of now the plan is that my sister Christi and my Dad Phil will be coming to our house mid morning or whenever they wish to arrive and we will have an early lunch of all kinds of goodies; shrimp, meatball, wieners, cheese ball, cheese,meat and crackers, and pickles wrapped in cream cheese and beef.  It makes my mouth water if ONLY I am able to eat it with no drama from my band!  I am so hoping!  Later in the day we will travel to Tony's Sisters house and spend a wonderful Christmas with Tony's family and Trisha's in laws the Haag's.  We all have such a nice day together and we all share a wonderful meal.  Mmmmmm I can almost taste it now!  Hopefully by dinner time food will be going down much easier.  I just want to enjoy food that day!  LOL  Don't get me wrong I eat.  I just can not always eat what I want or plan on eating.  My band sometimes allows meat other times it says no thanks!  I know I will not eat alot whatever I do get to eat and that is fine with me!  I just want to enjoy what I attempt to eat.  Do you think I can put this on my Christmas list?  I want to be able to eat within reason what I want on Christmas day??  It is a small request I think! 

I am so much more thankful this Christmas season for my family and friends!  I have married one of my best friends and I am so thankful for his patience, compassion, encouragement and love.  I do not think I could have been this successful with out Tony!  The last few days I have gotten so many compliments on my weight loss and it makes me feel great.  I did this for me to be healthy and be  here for my husband and my kids but, I am getting tons of attention and it feels really nice.  It is sort of fun when people see me for the first time in a long time  and can not believe that I have done so well.  My scale is a little stuck this week at 59 pounds.  It teased me with 60 the other day but seems to be  stuck on 59 pounds.  I am so amazed in that so I will not cuss my scale!   

This week will be such an awesome week preparing for Christmas and I have my little bakers home with me and they are eager to start on cookies so I am sure that will begin on Monday after we finish our last couple types of candy!

I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas in case I do not get another post up this week but I will try!  I encourage you to think about 2011!  I am not a big New Years Resolution maker but I encourage you to think about what you want to improve in your life next year.  Your health?  Your Marriage? Your relationship with God?  Whatever it is take it one day at a time and know that I am here to encourage you and support you.  One of my favorite shows is The Biggest Loser, they always say, "if I could be xxx pounds and do this so can you!"  Well I Jane Sprandel was 324 pounds and today I am 265 and dropping and if I can make a life can you!  I want encourage you just like you have encouraged me! 

Enjoy your last few days leading up to CHRISTmas and do not forget to take time to remember what CHRISTmas is all about! 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Check up went GREAT!

Sorry that is has been a few days since I have sent an update is here now!  :)  I went to my primary Doctor on Monday for a quick check up after my surgery.   When I seen him last he told me to just make an appointment after my surgery so we could see how I was doing.  Wow, what a difference a few months have made.  I just started seeing Dr. Walker at Christie Clinic this past February and he is the one who suggested that I look into the Lap Band procedure.  He knew that I had lost some weight since he is the person who over seen my initial diet to help me get approved by my insurance.  The last time he seen me was before my ankle surgery and at that point I had gained a little weight back but he was not alarmed so you can imagine his excitement when I was there Monday over 50 less than when I started this process.  I have said it before but it is still very odd for me to hear compliments especially from a doctor.  I have only been told....if you only would loose weight you would not have this health problem or risk factor.  He was so happy for me and proud of me for all of my hard work.  The best news to me was that he is so convinced that my A1C which is a test that measures how your body uses insulin is going to be so good now that for the next week he has cut my dose in half and once the lab results are back he is pretty sure he is taking me off of my Metformin XR.  Thank God those are 4 huge horse pills that I will be happy to not have to take!  The next step may be in the spring to take me off of my blood pressure medication.  If that happens I will only be taking my daily vitamins!  WOW that is exciting! 

Work has been a little challenging lately and I am hoping that is mainly due to the holidays and that things will calm down after Christmas!  I worked third shift 2 night this week and that was sort of different for me since my body is so in charge of my eating now so my body is sort of confused about what and when it wants to have food.  Typically my band is still tightest in the mornings but I have noticed that my first solid meal of the day is still pretty tough to go down but I am learning to work with my band and take more time eating each bite.  I am proud to say that I do far more waiting and being patient than heading the the bathroom to fix the situation. 

I finished up my Christmas letter today so that will go out in the mail later today.  Tony was able to add a bunch of pictures to it and today he said, "wow let me show you a picture of you.....I really see a huge difference in this picture and today."  As scared as I was I looked at the picture.  Boy was he right.  The picture was not even one that I would have "hated" before today.  I do not hate the picture....I am just glad that I kicked lady out of my life! 

July 2010

Dec 2010

So today my total is 57 pounds and boy am I excited about that.  I have been carefully to not set to hefty goals thus far and since the weight seems to be slowly coming off I am okay with that.  When it gets tougher I may have to get tougher on myself!  

So life is great here at the Sprandel house.  I have so much to do to get ready for Christmas but it is such a great time of the year.  I think for anyone who has lost someone they love the holidays are hard but the holidays are especially hard for me since it seems like the last holidays my mom had here on earth were very tough for her and our family.  Instead of dwelling on the hard days my mom had during the holidays I think of all the great holidays we had with her here!  The girls and I always enjoy baking all of her cookie recipes and laughing about all the fun we had with her.  I am so looking forward to the weeks ahead and then 2011 and all the great things it is hopefully going to bless us with!  Take care and I will hopefully be back in touch soon!  Jane 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time to vent????

So I have really been thinking about the topic of today's entry and whether or not I should type it but, I  have decided that when I set out to talk about my journey that not only was I going to report the good but also the bad and the ugly.  Here goes.

  I guess I can say what I want because, well it is my blog.  LOL  A couple of things have sort of emotionally rocked me this week.  The first topic which I have shared first with Tony and then a couple of close friends is the following.  I guess sometimes when I am on the Lap Band Forum and some other blogs, I read about what some people are eating and I think what???  How are they eating that??  Don't get me wrong I eat....but not always what I want nor what I set out to eat at that meal.  My mornings usually consist of a can of soup at hand that I heat up at work and eat.  Creamy Tomato and Cream of Broccoli are usually in my rotation.  Exciting huh?  Typically lunch when I get home.....soup.  I find that my band is tighter in the mornings which is very common especially more so as you get fills.  My evenings are usually where  I will try to eat like a normal mom.  Meat is still really not my friend.  French fries in the oven, nuggets, fish sticks..... not really friendly to me either.  The secret is to always eat slow, small bites, chew it alot...and be patient and to not get frustrated.  I am learning to listen to my band more and let things try to work their way down but I still know how to make things go much faster but the opposite direction from my stomach.  Sooooo  I explained to Tony that sometimes it frustrates me that I can not eat like some of these other Lap band people but as he explained....are they working the program as well as I am?  Well he got me there.  I have lost 54 pounds since Sept 28th.  That is CRAZY!!!  Am I starving myself?? Do I feel hungry??  Am I wishing I never did this??  NO NO NO.  I just needed to vent it out of my body.  Remember I am trying to rid my body of Toxic things!  :)  So as much as I hate that I can not always enjoy food as much as I did I know that me relearning how to truly enjoy food is so much more important and healthier.  I am getting more comfortable trying new foods and especially trying new foods while out to eat.  I am looking forward to the holidays and praying that some of my favorites also become friends with my band, in moderation!  Lets pray for friendship!!!

My second thing that sort of has crossed my mind the last couple of days I making this Lap Band thing look to easy??  You know me I am a paranoid person!  This is sooooo much work, discipline, dedication and support from my family.  Someone commented on a link I posted the other day about the FDA looking into more people being able to get approved for Lap Band to help those with diabetes and heart disease issues.  Don't get me wrong I am so for that but.....are we going to have a bunch of people rushing to get the Lap Band thinking that then they can throw their insulin away and not worry about heart complications??  Sometimes I wonder if I am making it  look to easy.  This is such a life style change.  I also know that most of the people who read this know that this is not easy but like I said it is my blog and I can say what I want.  This has not been easy for not only myself but also my family.  We try to eat like everything is like it was but I eat super slow now, sometimes I stop eating entirely and wait  to be asked, "something not agreeing with you, or as my kids prefer to say....Are you going to puke?"  Sure I would sign up too if I seen someone drop 54 pounds in like 10 weeks.  I just hope that in some ways if the FDA does get it where insurance companies allow more people to qualify for this procedure people really know what the future holds for them. I did the usual pre-op stuff but also I did alot of research about the new lifestyle you MUST live.   My experience is that very little in my life is similar to how life use to be for me.  I do wish I would have done this a long time ago but not sure if I would have been as successful if I had done it sooner.  Beginning of this year I was READY for a permanent change.  I always try to get my sister to quit smoking and take better care of herself but as much as I want to protect her  as a big sister is suppose to I know until she WANTS to make a change my encouraging nudges will not help her. 

Thanks for letting me vent!  I LOVE my new life as I like to call it.  I feel like I have more energy, I feel better, I am told I look better and  have been told I am more radiant.  Change is good but this is a change that you have to be willing to work every day, every moment of your life.  Everything that I put in my mouth is now a well thought out  decision.  I am so glad that this chapter of my life is going so well and I owe my husband alot of credit for standing by me, supporting me and overall being my best friend and therapist.  I have found as I shed pounds I have also let down some of my tough wall and I tell him alot more how I feel and each time he is there to say something encouraging.  I have not been good with compliments and so when he reminds me how great I am doing and how he knows that I am working this program to a T I find it hard to respond.  This has been hard work but I am so enjoying the rewards.  I better start saving for my new wardrobe so far Goodwill is my between sizes friend! 

Have a wonderful day and may the Lord bless you today! 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

50 Pounds gone and survived my first fill

Wow!!!  What a week!  All week I was sort of bummed since my scale got stuck again.  Thankfully I did not panic and I knew that a milestone that I had been waiting for was within reach.  On Thursday I was scheduled to have my first fill done.  So at this point you may be asking what a fill is.  I have attached some information about fills so you will understand the next piece of this success story.

An adjustment is an in-office procedure where your surgeon alters the amount of fluid in your band, making it tighter or looser.
The LAP-BAND® System journey is different for each person and the exact amount of fluid required to make the new stomach opening the right size varies from person to person. An ideal "fill" level should be just tight enough to let you gradually lose weight. That means you should still be able to eat enough to get the nutrients that you need, while still reducing the overall amount you can actually eat.

Before adjustments
At first, your surgeon usually leaves your LAP-BAND® System empty or only partially inflated. This gives your body time to get accustomed to your LAP-BAND® System during the first few weeks. It also allows healing to take place.

Your first adjustment

This will usually take place about four to six weeks after surgery. The exact time will vary from patient to patient. The adjustment is a simple process:
  1. Your surgeon will locate the access port underneath the skin of your abdomen — either by feeling for it on the surface of your skin, or using an X-ray.
  2. A fine needle is inserted into the access port. You may feel a pricking sensation similar to when you give blood.
  3. Sterile saline fluid is added to the band in your LAP-BAND® System.

Future adjustments

As you gradually lose weight, it’s not unusual for you to need more than one adjustment. During the first year, most patients get between five and eight adjustments (adding or removing fluid). The most common reasons for adjustments are discomfort or vomiting after eating, eating too much without feeling full, or not losing weight. Once you reach your goal weight, your adjustments may become less frequent.

Okay, so are you still reading my blog?  :)  So I hope that was able to fill you in on what a fill involves.  I had to have the x-ray technique used since both the Physician assistant and the Doctor both had problems finding my port. Overall it went well and my next appointment is January 6th for another fill.  They were very excited about the amount of weight I have lost and how well I am doing following the program and making this a success for myself.  My band will hold 10cc's and I already had 3 initially and they added 1 so now I have a total of 4 out of 10cc's in my band. 

Friday night was the Thomasboro grade school Christmas party at Alexander steak house.  I knew that I would have to eat soup since I had just had a fill and I needed to let me stomach heal a couple of days.  Well what a surprise it was to me to find out they do not serve soup.  What???  I panicked briefly but texted Tony to see what he thought I should eat.  I really wanted to stay at the party but did not think I could sit and drink water with lemon and not eat anything.  Tony texted back that I could try to eat salad or a baked potato.  Well when you order salad you get a baked potato too so I decided I could always just take it home.  Well the salad did not work out well so I was sort of thankful that I had the option to eat some potato.  It was nice to go out to dinner with other board members, teachers, staff, and spouses  of all of them.

Saturday was a pretty big day for me.  The scale finally moved!!!  I officially had hit the 50 pound lost point.  I was pretty excited about this accomplishment.  Some days I honestly do not see the change.  I guess I am starting to definitely see it in many of my clothes and I for sure can feel it in my my joints.  It is hard for me sometimes knowing how to react to all the positive feedback I am getting.  It is a new thing for me to receive compliments for my looks especially.  I feel so much more positive about the future and I know that the future is bright! 

Hopefully this week will be another great week for milestones and a new way of life.  I hope you are enjoying the preparation of the Christmas season.  As always it is hectic but it is such a wonderful time of year!  Love those around you but most of all love yourself and do something special for yourself.  I say this from personal experience, I decided that to be a better mom and wife I had to make myself a priority.  So far I think I am becoming an even better mom and wife 1 pound at a time.  Weight and your own self esteem can really cause havoc on your personal relationships.  Take care!!!