Sunday, December 19, 2010

What a week!

So today is Sunday and I typically consider this the beginning of my week but I guess it is the 7th day that the Lord created but, if that is the case wasn't I suppose to have rested today???  Well I had a good morning with my husband doing some cleaning around the house and he made the girls and I breakfast and then this afternoon I finished house work when he went to work.  The kids and I also made buckeyes and covered pretzels.  I at least have a few things off of my Pre-Christmas list.  Only a million more to do!   This Christmas has been very unique for me in some ways.

There are a few things that stick out to me more so this Christmas than any other.  For some reason I think I miss my mom more because of the small things, like baking with her, shopping with her, and well just silly things like knowing she would have loved our Christmas letter.  This will be the 4th Christmas without my mom here and wow does it seem like it has not been that long. 

I feel like I am more behind this year than any other year.  I did get my Christmas letter out somewhat timely but other than that, I am a little panicked.  I have not wrapped 1 present yet and still have a few odds and ends to pick up! 

Another huge thing that I am sort of worried about is eating.  I know sounds weird huh??  Well most people are worried about not eating to much or gaining weight, I am worried about being able to enjoy especially my Christmas day meals.  Pretty much since Tony and I have been together the traditional "Hamlow" Christmas meal of; Ham, Scalloped potatoes, green beans and shrimp cocktails has been replaced by appetizers.  This is totally the case now that we have decided to make our our traditions since my is not with us.  So as of now the plan is that my sister Christi and my Dad Phil will be coming to our house mid morning or whenever they wish to arrive and we will have an early lunch of all kinds of goodies; shrimp, meatball, wieners, cheese ball, cheese,meat and crackers, and pickles wrapped in cream cheese and beef.  It makes my mouth water if ONLY I am able to eat it with no drama from my band!  I am so hoping!  Later in the day we will travel to Tony's Sisters house and spend a wonderful Christmas with Tony's family and Trisha's in laws the Haag's.  We all have such a nice day together and we all share a wonderful meal.  Mmmmmm I can almost taste it now!  Hopefully by dinner time food will be going down much easier.  I just want to enjoy food that day!  LOL  Don't get me wrong I eat.  I just can not always eat what I want or plan on eating.  My band sometimes allows meat other times it says no thanks!  I know I will not eat alot whatever I do get to eat and that is fine with me!  I just want to enjoy what I attempt to eat.  Do you think I can put this on my Christmas list?  I want to be able to eat within reason what I want on Christmas day??  It is a small request I think! 

I am so much more thankful this Christmas season for my family and friends!  I have married one of my best friends and I am so thankful for his patience, compassion, encouragement and love.  I do not think I could have been this successful with out Tony!  The last few days I have gotten so many compliments on my weight loss and it makes me feel great.  I did this for me to be healthy and be  here for my husband and my kids but, I am getting tons of attention and it feels really nice.  It is sort of fun when people see me for the first time in a long time  and can not believe that I have done so well.  My scale is a little stuck this week at 59 pounds.  It teased me with 60 the other day but seems to be  stuck on 59 pounds.  I am so amazed in that so I will not cuss my scale!   

This week will be such an awesome week preparing for Christmas and I have my little bakers home with me and they are eager to start on cookies so I am sure that will begin on Monday after we finish our last couple types of candy!

I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas in case I do not get another post up this week but I will try!  I encourage you to think about 2011!  I am not a big New Years Resolution maker but I encourage you to think about what you want to improve in your life next year.  Your health?  Your Marriage? Your relationship with God?  Whatever it is take it one day at a time and know that I am here to encourage you and support you.  One of my favorite shows is The Biggest Loser, they always say, "if I could be xxx pounds and do this so can you!"  Well I Jane Sprandel was 324 pounds and today I am 265 and dropping and if I can make a life can you!  I want encourage you just like you have encouraged me! 

Enjoy your last few days leading up to CHRISTmas and do not forget to take time to remember what CHRISTmas is all about! 

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