Sunday, December 26, 2010

Milestones hit again!!

Well Happy Post Christmas day!  I had one busy week last week!  As a family we had such a blessed Christmas Day.  On Saturday morning my dad and my sister came over early in the morning to open gifts with all of us.  After lots of gift opening, lots of happy reactions it was time to eat some appetizers.  So you may remember from my last post that we typically have a variety of appetizers to celebrate Christmas.  So I had prepared; shrimp, wrapped pickles, cheese sausage crackers, meatballs, hedgehogs, wieners, cheese ball, and olives.  I had really been praying that I would be able to eat this meal sensibly and be able to enjoy it and you may be asking, how did it go??  It went Wonderful!!!  I was able to eat a little sample of everything I was interested in and it all was tolerated.  What a great small victory!!!  So after lots of family time my dad and sister headed back home since she needed to work later in the day.  So Tony and Seth went out to shovel the drive while I began doing lots of dishes.  I recap also from last week, we had a plumbing problem that has since been fixed but I am still being asked to not use my dish washer for a few more days so I had lots of stuff to do by hand but I got it done!  Now it was time to head to Tony's sister Trisha's home for family Christmas there.  So here was going to be my second testing meal of the day.  We had a wonderful meal!!!  Pork loin, ham, cheesy potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, lots of jello salads and such, and then later lots of wonderful pies.  Verdict for the second meal.....this too went great!  So me asking to be able to eat on Christmas was granted.  It was wonderful all the positive feedback I got yesterday with my weight loss.  I am getting more comfortable with the compliments and I am getting more comfortable eating around others and knowing how to listen to my body on how much to eat.  I do feel like when the kids were little I would put more on their plates than I do on my own right now.  I have learned to sample whatever I want and then if I still feel comfortable to maybe have another little taste of something!  Eating was a success yesterday!! 

Now is my time to I guess gloat and share some vital statistics.  As of today I have lost a total of 63 pounds since September 28th.  This brings me to the 51% mark of my total weight loss goal.  My BMI has dropped 9 points.  I am actually at the point where I would have not been approved for surgery without more health problems.  In regards to clothes I am getting rid of clothes each time I do laundry.  Pants are where I notice it the most....well since they seem to always be falling down even the ones I have bought at goodwill or have dug out of the back of my closet.  As far as shirts well I notice that too since I can not wear some of Tony's shirts!  This is such an exciting time.  Now it is time to start toning!  I asked Tony for workout clothes for Christmas and I got some and my dad said..."hell those look to big!"  He may be right!  I guess I am not giving myself enough credit when I sent Tony to shop.  I guess I will try them on and if too big go down another size!  So next week the Sprandel's are joining the gym.  Notice I said Tony too!  We will not be able to workout very often together but we both feel that it is time for the whole family to get involved on the healthy lifestyle! 

So as you can see we had a great week and an even better Christmas.  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too.  Thanks for all the support these  last few months! 

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