Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Check up went GREAT!

Sorry that is has been a few days since I have sent an update is here now!  :)  I went to my primary Doctor on Monday for a quick check up after my surgery.   When I seen him last he told me to just make an appointment after my surgery so we could see how I was doing.  Wow, what a difference a few months have made.  I just started seeing Dr. Walker at Christie Clinic this past February and he is the one who suggested that I look into the Lap Band procedure.  He knew that I had lost some weight since he is the person who over seen my initial diet to help me get approved by my insurance.  The last time he seen me was before my ankle surgery and at that point I had gained a little weight back but he was not alarmed so you can imagine his excitement when I was there Monday over 50 less than when I started this process.  I have said it before but it is still very odd for me to hear compliments especially from a doctor.  I have only been told....if you only would loose weight you would not have this health problem or risk factor.  He was so happy for me and proud of me for all of my hard work.  The best news to me was that he is so convinced that my A1C which is a test that measures how your body uses insulin is going to be so good now that for the next week he has cut my dose in half and once the lab results are back he is pretty sure he is taking me off of my Metformin XR.  Thank God those are 4 huge horse pills that I will be happy to not have to take!  The next step may be in the spring to take me off of my blood pressure medication.  If that happens I will only be taking my daily vitamins!  WOW that is exciting! 

Work has been a little challenging lately and I am hoping that is mainly due to the holidays and that things will calm down after Christmas!  I worked third shift 2 night this week and that was sort of different for me since my body is so in charge of my eating now so my body is sort of confused about what and when it wants to have food.  Typically my band is still tightest in the mornings but I have noticed that my first solid meal of the day is still pretty tough to go down but I am learning to work with my band and take more time eating each bite.  I am proud to say that I do far more waiting and being patient than heading the the bathroom to fix the situation. 

I finished up my Christmas letter today so that will go out in the mail later today.  Tony was able to add a bunch of pictures to it and today he said, "wow let me show you a picture of you.....I really see a huge difference in this picture and today."  As scared as I was I looked at the picture.  Boy was he right.  The picture was not even one that I would have "hated" before today.  I do not hate the picture....I am just glad that I kicked lady out of my life! 

July 2010

Dec 2010

So today my total is 57 pounds and boy am I excited about that.  I have been carefully to not set to hefty goals thus far and since the weight seems to be slowly coming off I am okay with that.  When it gets tougher I may have to get tougher on myself!  

So life is great here at the Sprandel house.  I have so much to do to get ready for Christmas but it is such a great time of the year.  I think for anyone who has lost someone they love the holidays are hard but the holidays are especially hard for me since it seems like the last holidays my mom had here on earth were very tough for her and our family.  Instead of dwelling on the hard days my mom had during the holidays I think of all the great holidays we had with her here!  The girls and I always enjoy baking all of her cookie recipes and laughing about all the fun we had with her.  I am so looking forward to the weeks ahead and then 2011 and all the great things it is hopefully going to bless us with!  Take care and I will hopefully be back in touch soon!  Jane 

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