Monday, March 5, 2012

Let's start rockin again!

There comes a time in every ones weight loss journey where they have to just sit down and look at where they have come from, where they are and where they want to go.  Well I have been meaning to have one of these moments.  My friend Jen had warned me that this day would come.  She was friend Dan also has had one of these moments recently.  Now it is my turn to look at the past, present and future.  Some of this is ugly and scary but we will do it together! 

Past.  I started this journey about 2 years ago when my weight hit 324 pounds.  My new primary Dr. Nathan Walker at Christie Clinic agreed that it was time for ME to take control of my life.  One of the tools he suggested was checking out the Lap Band surgery.  I met with Sidney Rohrscheibe at IL Bariatric and he felt I was a good candidate. I began the journey of getting the surgical pre approval and everything set up.  I met all the requirements and then as you may recall I had that dreaded ankle injury that ended in surgery.  Once that was behind me I was back on my path.  On Oct 19th 2010 I had my Lab Band procedure performed.  During that first year I had some major transformations occur.  I lost 100 pounds within the first year.  I changed so much what I allowed myself to eat and drink and my band seem to take charge of other things that it did not think I needed to eat.  The first year was was wonderful.  I joined a gym, felt very confident and knew that this was my new life. 

Current.....Well I feel like I have had a few set backs.  I can make many excuses and some are more valid than others.  We had the holidays, I am a very busy mom, work has me stressed out beyond words, and well frankly I sort of feel off the high!  My band has been giving me some fits lately and does not want to eat some things so then I get into the bad habit of eating some of the same things and sometimes there are not the best choices.  I seem to forget that I am important and without me being healthy my kids do not get to be driven everywhere and offered all the things they are, so with that said I need to make a renewed promise to make sure I take my time to go workout, even if it does not work into their plans.  I am headed to see my doctor on Thursday in hopes to get a kick in the butt to start getting back on track.  Don't get me wrong....I have not fallen off the track....I just am sort of on the spare rail just chillin and drinking a shake. 

Future!!!  Well this is the most important part....I am human....I am alive....I can get back on the right track.  So I have a renewed outlook on some things.  Like I said hopefully I can get a little kick in the butt or more importantly a hug of reassurance that I have come this far I can meet all of my goals.  I went and worked out today and it felt good.  I think that if I start working out again that will defiantly help my mood and my stress so that is a priority.  Kenna and I are still planning to do a 5K this spring so that will be a first for me.  The future is bright.  Me deciding to change my life for the good has opened up so many interesting doors.  I still hear from people, I inspire them.  That is great to know, especially since I am living proof that you can fall down and get back up and show the world what you are made of.  Another thing that this lifestyle change has brought me is the opportunity to be a voice to a larger audience.  I am still writing articles for Chambana moms and over the weekend the kids and I were interviewed by a U of I Grad student about kids, nutrition, and obesity.  It was very neat!  I think something that I have not taken time to do and it is something that I think it it time to get back to the basics is: I need to document my weight, what I am eating, what exercise I am getting and most importantly, I need to start blogging again....that is really how I can talk out my feelings and such.  You just get the opportunity to know what is going on in my head!  :) 

I do appreciate all of you and your support and encouragement.  I hope you are doing well. Spring is upon us, I know it seem hard to believe after having ice and snow on my van this morning but Spring is coming!  So get outside, go for a walk, a bike ride, working in the garden, enjoy your life.  As we are out and about we may just loose a few pounds and gain alot of memories!  Take care and blessing to you! 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I am alive!!!!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post.  I had a wonderful but yet very busy fall/winter with my kids and all the holiday prep.  Today starts a new year.  A new chapter in many people lives.  Many feel that January 1 is a clean slate and it is.  My slate was pretty clean but I did do some housework today and put some of my thoughts into words.  I originally sent this to some of my email friends and family but I am so serious about being kept accountable and about helping others I want to share it with you!  I hope you have been well since my last post.  I look forward to catching up to you all soon!  Who wants to go for a walk?  Here is a toast to 2012, my prayer to you is that all your goals are attainable and you have the strength, courage and support to meet them!  I wanna be one of your cheerleaders.  Now check out my goals for 2012!  Jane

So today is January 1, 2012  and some of you may have made new years resolutions.  I can not say that I made any  official resolutions but I did tell myself it is time to do the following.....

1.  I want to make ME a priority again.  I want to remind myself that it is okay to go workout, it is okay to have my kids do some of the chores, it is okay to to not do every activity that people ask me to volunteer for and it is okay to take a nap or go to bed early.  As the saying goes, "if momma isn't happy, nobody is happy" Well if the body is not happy; physically, emotionally and spiritually then you are not going to be your best.  I want to be my best!

2.  I want to date in 2012.  Okay no, you did not miss anything!  I am still happily married to Tony but I want to fall in love all over again.  We have not fallen out of love but I do not want to ever fall away from what made us a family....two people saying I do. 

3.  I want to grow closer with God.  What a typical resolution.  I feel like the Sprandel home is a Christian home but I feel that we need to share our love with the Lord with others and it is time we find that church family we have been looking for. 

4.  I want to inspire others to find change also.  I want to help others change 1 or many things in their lives.  I want to be there for my friends, family and acquaintances.  If I can help you make any change or improve an area of your life I want to be that person you reach out to and feel comfortable to share your highs lows and everything in between.

5.  I want to get back to trying to make good health decisions.  Sort of got into not eating as well as I was.  I want to remind myself that I should not deprive myself of my wants but moderation is always the key.

6.  I want to get back to spending quality time at the gym.  I am a happier person when I spend time working out.  I can not let my "busy" life interfere with that! 

7.  I want to become less addicted to screen time.  I am going to try to spend more time reading and doing physical things this winter especially. 

8.  I want to continue to show my family my everlasting love and dedication to them, my country and their school.

9.  I want to remind myself that jobs will come and go but family is forever and I have to put my family first. 

10.  I want to lastly remind myself that it has taken me almost 36 years to get to this point in my life and each day is a new one and we can not change things overnight. 

I have shared what I want in 2012.  What are your goals? Your dreams? Your aspirations?  Can I help you with any of them?  I pray that 2012 brings you good health, love, and security.  I am here for you, but I ask one continue to help inspire me on my journey of life!  God Bless you!  Jane