Thursday, March 31, 2011

The meds are GONE!!!!!

So today at my primary doctors appointment I got some exciting news.  The medication I was taking to help with my pre diabetes and the meds for my high blood pressure are to be discontinued as of TODAY!!!  I was so glad that we have made it to this point.  My A1C test which measures how the body deals with the insulin and such was right where he wanted it to be and we expected that since last time I was  so close.  He had hoped that I could keep my blood pressure in check and if so he would remove that and he is thrilled with my blood pressure reading that I have had the last several doctors visits so out goes that medication.  I was a little frustrated that I had to wait an hour and 15 min to see him but it was so worth it once he come in to see me.  He is the kind of doctor who seems like he is always behind but really it is because he spends time with his patients.  He really boosted my moral even more today because we talked about what a change I have made in the last year since he met me.  I am not only physically a different person but more so how I view  my overall health/lifestyle/future.  He was amazed that I have not had any fills since December and I am still posting such great numbers.  I had 9,11,  and 12 pound weight losses in the last 3 months or so since he has seen me.  I was so pumped up when I left his office today. 

Today I am at 233 which is 91 pounds down from when I started.  McKenna suggested today that we go get our nails done when I hit 100 pounds.  I am not sure what I am going to do.  Maybe someone should give me or Tony especially some suggestions!  The doctor and I did talk about my new next goal.  Of course 100 pounds lost will be big.  My goal was to be 200 so I am pretty close to that also.  It was decided that after my goal is met and I celebrate my accomplishment then my next goal should probably be 175 he thought if I get in the 160 that is to much so......Today my goal is to push towards that 100 pounds lost then we will shoot for the 125 lost so I can become ONEderful at 199 and then  we will set some mini goals to get to 175 because I have a feeling that is where it is going to get hard!  I want to thank all of you for your constant encouragement and prayers it has really been appreciated!  Jane

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