Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What the heck??

So I am freaking out a little!  I will admit it.  I am not use to the scale not listening to me when I yell at it!  Seriously does it think it is one of my kids?????  So last week when I went to the doctor he took me off of my diabetes medication and my blood pressure pill.  Awesome I have to say but then the whole floor caved in.  I know I am exaggerating a little!  So Sunday when I weighed there was a little gain, then on Tue and again on Wed.  I am not happy about this.  So we have already talked about how maybe I should not weigh everyday because the female body fluctuates so much on a daily basis, I also realize that I may be retaining some water since I am not taking the blood pressure medication, also I think it is just that time that all of us women look forward to, since  our body likes to be mean to us and make us look as bloated as possible.  So I am trying to be very positive that I have lost over 90 pounds up to this point and this is just a temporary setback and it has happened before and then I have have quick losses so I am hoping that is what happens again!!  My clothes seem to fit the same and I actually got another compliment yesterday so this to shall pass and I will look back and laugh that I was getting ready to send my scale to its room for being disrespectful!  Well hope you have a great day and I will do the same!  Take care! 

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