Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Rain has to stop!!!

This rain really has had me in a funk this past week.  I am ready to get outside and work in the yard, go for a walk or bike ride.  Like most people when it is grey and gloomy out I want to lay on my couch!  Well the sun is shining and that makes me smile for the moment.  I can only hope the sun stays around for a while.  I need some motivation!!  Do you have any to share?  I just feel like my scale is stuck and I am just not motivated to head to the gym.  I keep looking at all the great things that are going on in my life and trying not to dwell on the stuck scale and my ultra busy schedule.  As I sit her typing I am thinking.....why am I sitting in and typing when I could be at the gym having some me time on the treadmill and getting excited about this new me. 

Easter was a great occasion for many reasons.  I fixed a wonderful meal for my family, my dad, sister and my mother in law.  We all feasted on ham, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, scalloped corn and strawberry pretzel salad.  I actually made a cheese cake and I have not had any.  I am pleased to announce that I truly enjoyed my meal and my band also enjoyed eating at a nice moderate pace and not trying to over do it.  One thing that I am a bit disappointed about is that the Easter Bunny did not really leave any candy in my basket.  We had a little talk and I said....please don't tempt me to be bad but gosh I could have gotten a few little treats!  LOL 

I continue to receive compliments on how I look and that really inspires me especially since the scale just bounces around a little about 3 pounds of water I presume.  My clothes seem to be getting to big again and I feel just as good if not better so I guess like most people do at some point, I need to quit weighing all the time and just go by how I feel and look. 

Life is wonderful here and I am so proud of my kids.  All three are going to play baseball/softball/t-ball this summer so I will be one busy mom!  Seth is finishing up his track season and Kenna is going to run her first 5K this may with a friend.  I am one of the chair people for the event so I am not participating but I think my next goal is to walk the Rantoul 4th of July 5K anyone want to join me? 

Well I really think I may go to the gym.  I feel a bit motivated so I guess I should take this motivation and do something with it!  Have a great day!  Jane

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