Saturday, April 16, 2011

Still Chugging along!

Well I feel like the weight loss train has slowed down a little.  They like to call this a plateau I prefer to call it frustration!  As a recap a few weeks ago I went off of my medications for diabetes and blood pressure.  This was awesome!  What came next frustrated me a little.  I started retaining water for the next week.  I started a new potassium pill that I was suppose to have picked up after my appointment and did not till the following week so once I took that for about a week I am now back to normal.  So I am still at the 235 mark or 89 pounds lost total.  It seems that I have been fluctuating back and forth on the last two pounds a little.  This is why my Tony always reminds me to stop weighing myself everyday.  I do it to help me stay more accountable and evaluate what I may have done to lose or gain.  This last week I did do some working out but not as much as I would have liked.  I liked when we had those nice days so I am ready for them to come back since I found myself outside doing stuff.  Bring on the warm weather! 

Kenna and I went and did a little shopping this morning and I can not express how exciting it is when I can buy a shirt that is an 18/20 when I had a few that were 30/32 in October.  It is these small victories that keep me going and the constant compliments that I get.  Even this week when the scale was not moving as fast as I would have liked I got several comments from people.  It is funny when people say they did not recognize me at first.  I seen my old Ob/Gyn the other day and you could tell she was confused and of course I shared my journey with her.  When your patient looks 90 pounds lighter no wonder she looked a little puzzled.  Eating has been a mixed bag this week.  I did find out that mixed greens is the secret for me in regards to eating salads.  Tony and I went out the other night and I had a salad with mixed greens and I ate it ALL.  I have not eaten all of anything in like forever.....of course I had already ordered the half salad but I was surprised that it went so well. 

Next week will be a busy week at work and with the family.  I also have a school board meeting this week so I will be a busy mom/wife/employee/volunteer.  I have been helping plan a 5K Run/Walk/Kids Run on May 21st in Thomasboro to help benefit our athletic department.  If you are interested in the event or you know someone who might be email me at and I will send you a registration sheet!  Have a great weekend and I am also hoping that my big surprise of my journey will be able to be revealed this week!  My story is going to reach a larger audience and I can not wait till it happens! 

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