Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I did it!!!

So today is a special two for one day!  I posted earlier and spoke about how I just was not motivated and how I needed to get some "sun" in my life and get out of this rut.  Well as I typed that post I kept thinking how when I go to work out how I feel so much better.  So on my way to the gym I decided I was going to really push myself today and so something I had never done....I was going to do a 5K on the treadmill.  So 3.11 miles.  My goal was to do it in less than an hour and to still be alive afterwards.  Well I dug deep a couple of times and I pushed myself more today than I ever have.  I averaged about a 15.32 mile I think with a total time of 49.22   so less than an hour with time to spare.  I even answered an important call during this fast paced walk.  I have not gotten comfortable jogging on the treadmill so it is a speed walk!  I am SOOOOO PROUD of myself!  This was something that I can write down as one of my milestones.  I am even more confident in doing a 5K walk in July. Just wanted to share this exciting event with you!  Who would have thought 7 months ago I would have done a 5K on the treadmill and still be alive to tell about it!  If I can do it so can you!!!

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