Sunday, April 17, 2011

Top 10 Things about my Lap-Band and Food

So a few weeks ago I seen a YouTube video made by another Lap Band person talking about facts about her Lap Band so I decided today I was going to make a Top Ten Things about my Lap Band and Food post! 

Number 10:  I still do not allow my self to have any carbonated beverages.  I think the last time I had a Diet Coke was around the Weekend of Oct 16th.  Only water, and crystal light.  Rarely do I allow myself to have even a regular lemonade due to the sugar. 

Number 9:  I have started branching out to eating things other than soup for breakfast.  Soup, water melon, a little bit of scrambled egg.  Not a huge list but trying a few new things.  Sometimes some potatoes or potato salad at work but that is not always a good idea.

Number 8:  Eating in a loud environment does not work well for me.  When my stomach is bothering me I need it really quiet. 

Number 7:  It is not allowed to use my Lap Band card at Ryan's so that I can pay for a smaller portion. I nicely explained to the manager that I eat like a 1 year old and she nicely stated that to many people were printing weight loss cards off the Internet and they getting 10 plates of food.  To bad a few jerks ruined it for people who honestly need some accommodations.  So eating at Ryan's for dinner on Seth's birthday will probably not happen again.  (I have a cute credit card sized card that asks a restaurant to allow me to have a child's portion since I have had weight loss surgery.  Sort of a cool card.  Also if I am ever hurt and unconscious it is  stated on there  that I have the Lap Band, when and by whom with their 800 number.  Let me know if you ever want to see it or if I am passed out you can get it out of my wallet for the EMT)  LOL

Number 6 :  Just learned the other day that field greens are tolerated far better than regular lettuce so I guess I am changing my salad prep stuff.

Number 5:  Everything is better with sauce of some sort.  I try not to use a lot of sauce and stuff but things do go down better if they have a liquid base on them.  Ketchup, gravy, cocktail sauce, tarter sauce, ect.

Number 4:  Pasta.....Well if it is fresh spaghetti or lasagna I am usual okay but left overs or thicker noodles forget it!

Number 3: Breads, rolls, rice, some cakes and cookies ect usually do not do well for me.  So I only take a nibble of bread products if I need to satisfy a craving.

Number 2:  I have learned that I can not eat in a moving vehicle.  So my days of trying to eat a little burger or fries on the way are over.  I think I am more upset that I can not really tolerate Fries anymore.  Actually pretty much anything fried is not a positive any more.

Number 1 thing about my Lap Band and Food.......There is no rhyme or reason to anything.  What I can eat today I may not be able to eat tomorrow! 

I am starting to learn more and more about my band but I learned a long time ago that the Band is the boss and I am just here to follow what it wants.  I try to satisfy my craving with just a little taste of things.  Some days I want something and I know that I will probably regret that decision such as I wanted KFC fried chicken the other day.....big mistake but the few bites I ate tasted great!

I hope you enjoyed today's top 10 list.  They are sort of in order.  I may have to do another top 10 list of something else about my Lap Band any suggestions??  Have a great day!  Jane

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