Thursday, May 5, 2011

What a great day!

I feel like a million bucks lately.  I have a lot of personal stress in my life right now but when I start to let my self get a little overwhelmed I try to remember how many obstacles I have overcome lately.  The stresses that I am encountering may be hard but they can be concurred too! 

As far as weight loss.....well I have learned that sometimes it is not what the scale says but how I feel, look and what I am able to wear.  What a transformation I have made lately.  In October my jeans were a size 28 well now if I have a pair of jeans on that look decent on me and are not falling off of me they must be my size 18 ones.  18 can you believe that?  I can't I am so excited.  I bought an XL shirt the other day and it looked really cute on me.  Every morning when I weigh and the scale just sits there, I take a big breath, thank the Lord that I did not gain, praise myself for all my hard work and go get some clothes that are now fitting just right because I just bought them during my last thrifting trip or wear what is clean and well probably is falling off of me.  I am needing to go on a hunt this weekend for some more pants especially.

It cracks me up how people respond to me.  I had several people last week from my hometown who said they barely recognized me.  That is so flattering to me.  I was mistaken for someones sister the other day and my response was....your sister is a twig and they are you!  I would not go that far but thank you!

I am so busy lately!  All three kids are playing ball this summer.  Seth baseball, McKenna softball and Raegyn t-ball.  Add on the end of the school year activities for the kids, school board,  helping plan the Thomasboro Pack the Park 5K and Kids Run, working, and just trying to be the best mom and wife that I can be I am one busy lady lately.  I am so looking forward to sunshine and and a wonderful summer.  We will get a pool pass again this year, go to the library often, go to Ohio to a christian rock fest at Kings Island and then Kentucky Lake for a week long vacation.  Wow when will it ever slow down?  So now you can understand why it has been a week since my last post. 

I learn more each day with my band.  Today we went to Dos Realos for Cinco De Myo day and I had a cheese enchilada instead of a chicken one and.....I did not get sick!  I am really learning what I can tolerate and what seems to give me problems but I am learning how to deal with foods that wants to be difficult. 

I am so thankful for all the things going on in my life.  Like I said I have been super busy recently and I think my summer will continue to be hectic and there is some other drama in my life but these things only make us stronger. 

I have had a couple of suggestions for Top 10 Lists so maybe over the weekend I will work on a couple of those!  Have a great Friday and I will do my best to keep a bright smile on my face! 


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