Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day Edition In Honor of my mom

So it is the eve before Mother's day and I sit here thinking of my mom.  Some of my followers are new so let me tell you a little about my mom.  I was one of those girls who had the best mom in the world.  She was not only an awesome mom but also my best friend.  I had 31 great years with my mom!  My mom died on May 21, 2007 at the age of 50 of Congestive Heart Failure.  My mom was not an obese person, overall lived a healthy lifestyle but she unfortunately had an extensive family history of heart disease.  She also had Factor 5 Leiden which is a blood clotting disorder and she was diabetic.  When someone beccomes ill and has other health problems they seem to really gang up on them.  My mom had a few stints put in through the years and in '05 she had a double bypass done.  Overall she did pretty good after the bypass but on November 14,2006 her life changed forever.  She ended up going into respiratory failure and when they had to inti bate her throat was injured and eventually on December 27th she had to have a tracheotromy done to help save her life that she lived with until her death.  I tell some of these details because of many reasons;  my mom never complained with everything she had going on with her, she always fought, always put a smile on for her grand kids, and overall always thought she was going to beat all these hurdles.  She inspired me to always fight and that helped lead me to the decision to do my lap band surgery.  I can not control my heredity but I could do something about my weight. 

At the age of 31, I grew up more that year  than probably any year of my life.  I seen my mom, my best friend, the strongest person I know slowly slip away from us.  I have always been told that I am a strong person, mature and brave person.  All of which I got from my mom.  In the last week of my mom's life I had 1 of the hardest discussions with her.....I told her on the Wednesday before she passed on Monday that it was okay to say enough is enough.  That with my faith I knew that possibly the only man who could heal her was our Lord and that maybe here on earth was not where she would be healed.  On that day she told me she wanted to keep fighting so for the next few days I did everything I could do to get my mom the best care that she could get.  On that Monday morning my dad called and told me she had a really bad night and I needed to come to Bloomington to the hospital.  Before I seen my mom, I seen one of my favorite clergy people named Rose Mary and I told her how a few days prior I had told my mom it was okay to allow the Lord to heal her but I felt possibly my mom was holding on for us.  I asked for Rose Mary to talk to my mom and let her know it it was okay.  Well about 2:30 that afternoon Rose Mary talked and Prayed with my mom.  She reassured my mom that we loved her, would always be right by her side but also knew that maybe she would not have 100% healing on this Earth.  She reassured mom that we would always miss her, but always love her and know that she was with us.  Well on that evening my dad left around 5pm to spend time with my sister since he had been pretty much at the hospital every night that my mom was there which was I think about 60 days from November to May.  Dad left and I sat with mom holding her hand, listening to CMT and really just relaxing and sleeping.  Well around 7:30 while talking to my dad whom the nurse asked me to call since her vitals had been changing a little I realized that my mom had passed away.  For the longest time I thought she had it all planned, waited till my dad was gone and her best friend and strong daughter was sitting there to go to heaven. I don't know if maybe as I sat there with her she may have went from my loving hand onto her Heavenly Fathers, earthly fathers, brother, sister, most importantly my Sister Cindy's hands.  I will not know until I am able to touch her hand again.  I feel her presence all the time in my life as a mother and wife.  She taught me well.  Okay grab another Kleenex!  I miss my mom everyday but I know she is with us, healthy again and I will see her again! 

God gives us gifts for only a short time.  I wish I could have had my mom much longer but I am thankful for the relationship that we had.  I am thankful for all that she taught me on how to be a mom.  I am thankful for the example my parents modeled for me in their marriage.  I know that my kids miss their Grammie but they know she is always looking down on them and is so proud of the kids they are each and everyday. 

My mom taught me so much!  Sometimes when things are tough following my diet, working out, or just trying to make healthy choices I remember all my mom went through and if this helps me live longer it is so worth the sacrifice! 

If you are missing your mom this weekend I feel your pain. If your mom is still with you.....give her an extra special kiss this weekend.  Mend any problems in your relationships with your moms or kids.  Life is short believe me.  I have no regrets I know that the 31 years I spent with my mom were about as good as any daughter and mom could ask for! 

I love you and miss you mom! 

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