Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Journey

Like anything in our lives, weight loss is a journey.  It is also something that is highly affected by the things around us.  This past week I have been under a little bit of stress and as usual my schedule has been very hectic.  Summer ball is in full swing now with the games starting tomorrow!  This past week I did a little more eating out than usual and I made some scotcharoos so I may have not been eating more at any sitting but I probably, well most defiantly, was eating more calories at each setting.  I continue to weigh everyday and we have beat it over the head many times that this is not always wise since the scale likes to fluctuate by about 2-3 pounds lately.  This week was also pretty hectic and I did not get any workouts in per say.  With all this said....I feel great and I am told that I look wonderful. 

Last night the girls and I had a girls night out.  We went and seen the play, A Mid Summers Dream by William Shakespeare.  It was performed by the Rantoul Theater Group and the girls and I really enjoyed it.  A  couple of people we know were in it and I felt that is would be a great way to introduce the girls to some Shakespeare and for them to get some more cultural experience.  Something that we defiantly will do again.  Matter of fact McKenna is thinking about auditioning for a winter play that will have kids in it!  I told her we would support her if that is something she wants to try.  We started our night out at Steak n Shake which I think I have decided is not a place we will be going since I just struggle with burger so badly there and well most places.  I get sick of just vegetable soup so we will see if Steak n Shake becomes only a shake place for me.  :)   We then went to Meijer where we took Tony some dinner but most importantly we went so he could see his pretty ladies.  It is so hard to believe how this weight loss has transformed me so much not just in pounds.  I want to look more feminene, I am starting to wear clothes that are a little more sexier and most importantly I have so much more confidence as an attractive woman again.  Tony always says it feels like he has a new wife!  I feel like a new wife, mom and woman!  Here are a couple of pics from last nights girls night out! 

It is so amazing even to me how much I have changed.  I know that the doctors and others have told me to quit worrying about what the scale says and look at what changes I have gone through, evaluate how I feel ect.  I am starting to believe that.    As a recap I have not had a "fill" since December 7th and I am suppose to do those every 4-5 weeks but I am still working the program. The doctor told me that since I have made some a lifestyle change that he wanted me to determine when I needed the bands help.  At this time I am the one who is making my weight loss continue.  The band is there as a resource but it is my constant work and persistence that is paying off for me right now.   Once and a while I think about going in just to get a little fluid put in to restrict me a little more and then I ask myself am I doing all I can to help myself and the answer is usually no.  So I try to refocus on eating 100% correctly overall and getting more exercise in.  When I look at the things I can affect I am able to get back on the right track.  It is hard sometimes especially when I had weeks I was losing almost 10 pounds a week and now I am down to like 1 a week which is very normal but reminding my brain that can sometimes be a challenge. 

This week will be busy with baseball starting games, t-ball and softball practice , board of education meeting, and then the big 5K that I have been helping to plan.  So I have a busy week coming up.  I hope that you have been doing something for yourself to make life healthier, more enjoyable but most of all do it for yourself which in turn makes you a better; spouse, parent, child, friend, employee, ect.  Have a blessed day and week!  Jane

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