Saturday, March 5, 2011

Small victories

Good morning to my faithful followers.  So today is Saturday March 5th and as you know I typically have Saturdays off.  Well today I am off and boy am I glad about that!  The problem is.....I woke up at 4:20 this morning as if it were a work day and I could not fall back to sleep.  That stinks.  In the mean time I have folded some laundry, started more laundry, ran the dishwasher, read a magazine and now have done some computer time.  I thought since everyone is still sleeping at 6:15 I might as well write a blog.  This week has been sort of a small victories week!  I love those weeks. 

We were fortunate enough to get some furniture from Tony's grandmas house this past weekend so I have been busy switching out dresser drawers.  Tony and I have grandmas set and we gave the girls ours.  While going through my stuff I was able to get rid of more stuff that was to big and some of it down right sloppy on me.  It is so exciting to try something on that use to be to small and now it is sloppy.  I have a pile of stuff that I want to donate to Goodwill and then another bag that I am going to try to consign.  I guess we will see if that works out, since I have heard the place can be sort of picky.  We will see. 

Another victory this week was when I did finally go to the gym I got on the treadmill to do my thing I realized that I left my ipod in my coat pocket.  So instead of getting off of my favorite treadmill I decided that I was going to work hard with out music and spend some time with God and myself.  I did some praying, some thanking and some asking for my encouragement from the Lord.  I also spent time praising myself for my hard work and determination.  Sometimes it is hard form me to believe how far I have come on this journey.  It is sooooo exciting!  I also tried to make some goals as to how I am going to keep getting stronger, healthier and toner. 

As you may know I have two shows that I dvr every week that help inspire me and helps me learn new motivations in this battle of the bulge.  I watch The Biggest Loser on NBC which airs on Tuesdays and then I also enjoy Heavy which is on A&E on Monday nights.  The thing I like about Heavy is that there is also a psychological component to the show.  Most large people do not eat because we are hungry we eat for comfort, anger, boredom, sadness ect.  I like that this show actually shows the people working on the demons that helped them get to the size they were.  These demons do not leave with each pound loss....granted I feel like I am able to fight  them better now but I will never 100% ward them off.  I am learning alot about why I eat and learning how to change those things.  It is a journey that is for sure!  On the Biggest Loser this week I have to admit I cried several times.  The contestants got to go home for 2 weeks after being on the ranch for 8.  Some of these people have lost 50-100+ pounds in 8 weeks.  They had little homecoming celebrations for these people in their home towns.  It was so neat to see them come in and hear all the cheers, see all the tears, and the general excitement that people have for them and their transformations.  I may not get the big parties everyday but almost daily someone from my hometown , work, old friends or just people who have not seen me comment on how great I am looking. We have already established that this is such a new thing for me but wow do I LOVE it now!  LOL  It makes me feel great that I have embraced something and I have succeeded with it. 

Another victory came this morning.  I have been pushing for the 80 pound mark and I made it this morning with a weigh in of down 81 pounds.  I will admit I weigh every morning and well that is not always the wisest thing since especially us women we fluctuate all the time.  But in my heart if that scale hits 80 I count it!  When there is a decrease in weight I am able to be proud of my accomplishment and when the scale goes the other direction I am able to ask myself, how much water did I drink, what did I eat differently, did I workout, and the worst and I will admit it......Did you really need those almond M&M's.  We all have our chocolate needs as women.  So I try not to let the scale drive me nuts and some days it does but I just feel the urge to weigh everyday.  I should work on trying to not do it promises. 

I almost forgot this victory!!  I think it made Seth a little  mad.  I had a  Nike Coat that I had from my sister or somewhere and it was a little big on him but I told him to hold on to it and someday it would fit well yesterday for the heck of it I put it on and it fit.  So I think I am reclaiming that coat.  Don't think Seth liked that idea.  LOL  Tony's response was I can wear you Thomasboro Track jacket.  Gosh I love that coat but it is look sloppy on me.  Well I may just have to order me a new coat next time PTO does orders. 

I titled this small victories... so I hate to end it on a down note but I promised last week to work more on my protein intake and work outs.  Well I made it one day this week and I did not make any shakes.  I guess it is hard sometimes with my schedule but God bless my girls, almost everyday this week they came home to see if we were going to they gym so I told them next week you have to make mom go!  I am so glad that they love the kid center gal and they love knowing that me working hard at my weight loss makes me a better mom in the long run! 

Well in about a half hours I am going to wake up my garage sale partner McKenna and see if she is ready to go to a big sale at a local school.  I am hoping to find some clothes since I am the ever shrinking mom!  What a great problem. Have a great day! 

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