Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winter Blues/promises for next week

How many of you are ready for spring?  I know that is a dumb question.  I think we will all agree this has been a long winter. I have had a really tough winter.  Don't get me wrong, things are really bright overall in my life but some days between the weather, work, attitude filled kids, and just the hectic life of a mom of 3 I am ready to throw in the towel.  I have said before that this year I have learned so much about myself and I have learned to communicate how I am feeling better.  Tonight I was looking at a few other Lap Band patients blogs and it made me feel pretty good.  I am not the only one who feels at times my life is going a million miles a minuet.  I am thankful for the other bloggers and posters that I follow who share the silly questions they are asked, the nosy questions they are asked, the doubters that they encounter, and the overall new life of having to buy clothes so often, learning to socialize without food being the center, and just overall emotional changes that we are encountering.  My goal has always been to inform and educate others about the Lap-Band lifestyle.  I have to say there has not been a whole lot to report in regards to my lap band journey lately.  I will do a little updating in case you have missed any recent happenings. 

- I am at a total weight loss of 78 pounds.  I have sort of leveled off.  I am still loosing a 1-2 pounds or more a week so I have not returned for a fill since I am still working it on my own. 

- I have lost a total of 12 BMI points since I started this journey.

- I actually put on a leather coat today that I wore my senior year and I was able to zip it.  Well I am honest I was able to zip it but I am going to give myself a little more time before I wear it since it is still a little snug  but I did zip it for the record.  LOL

-I still amaze myself how little I eat.  We celebrated Raegyn's birthday at Monical's last night and I had two pieces of pizza and a little salad and I was full.  Seems so odd since I could eat at least a half of a pizza and salad several months ago.  Even birthday cake I eat about half the size of a piece.  What a waste of  cake.....LOL 

-Tony told me he was going to try a little different diet plan next week and I was excited about him cutting some/pop out of his diet and a couple of other changes.  I still have not drank any soda since before my surgery.  I REALLY wanted a Diet Coke the other day and I can have some but I am still afraid that if I start with just 1 I will be back to lots of pop in my day.  I never realized how I had allowed myself to become so addicted to pop. 

-The gym.  I wish I could say that I go 3 times a week or more as I wanted is hectic at times.  My work schedule has changed again so it makes it a little more difficult for me to get there while the kids are at school so I have to just make a plan to hustle there right from work or go after the kids are home and there is daycare at the gym.  My goal is to next week get to the gym 3 times or more.  Make sure you ask me if I have been.  Hold me accountable! 

-Protein.  I think I burned myself out on protein shakes but I think I need to get back into getting more protein in my life.  I just read an article about the link of lack of protein in post weight loss surgery patients and depression.  I prefer to not call myself depressed I prefer to call it overwhelmed.  I do think that there may be some link to the lack of protein in my diet specifically since I do not eat a lot of meat and me feeling a little overwhelmed so my goal this week is to have a shake a day to get some more protein in my diet and see if that gives me a little boost.  Sure can not hurt!

Well as you see I am still doing great, loving my weight loss tool but also feeling that I am getting a little lazy in my visits to the gym and my protein intake so.....come Monday protein and gym are back in my daily living. 

Hope all is well with you and you are able to do something for yourself today!  Take care! 

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