Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl XLV and other recent happenings

Hello faithful followers!  So I wish I had lots of great numbers to report this post but I have a lot of growths to share and some recent updates at the Sprandel house! 

I guess I will start with the most recent and that would be Super Bowl XLV (45)  As many of you know I became a Steelers fan when I started dating my wonderful husband.  I grew up a Bears fan as a child and was really hoping for a Bears vs Steelers Super Bowl but it did not end up that way.  Instead the Steelers took on the Green Bay Packers.  For the past 8 years Tony and I have spent the last  8 Super Bowls at a Party. The first year (as "Friends") and then the next 7 here in our home hosting a party.  This year was no different.  The night was planned with festive decorations, lots of yummy food and friends and family.  Mid morning I recognized their was a little problem.  As the good cook that I am I had to taste 1 meatball and 2 little wienies for quality assurance you know!  Well from then on I could not keep any food down or even water.  Can you imagine.....I have spent some time planning, shopping for, preparing and now I can not eat any of my creations??  That was bad!!!  The Game was well a bit of a nail biter and as you may know The Green Bay Packers did end up beating the Steelers.  The Sprandel Family took the loss well and frankly I was pretty much feeling a little frustrated and scared that I did not get to shook up with the loss.  I went to bed hoping I had a touch of a virus and nothing was wrong with my band.  I have never had this go on this long where I could not even drink water.  This morning I woke up and I still could not keep water down.  By mid day I was able to keep some soup down and then more textured food.  Thank GOD!  I was ready to call my surgeon to see if I should come in and have them check me out to make sure I had not had a slippage or something.  When you get a slippage or something like that.....back to the operating room you go.  So I was honestly concerned.  Thankfully I think it was just a  little touch of something. 

Saturday January 29th and Thur Feb 3rd were Tony and I's birthdays so we had scheduled a night way to Schuamburg so that we could go to Woodfield mall and then spend the night up there and celebrate our birthdays.  Well if you look at what date my birthday was you all know that we ended up getting snowed in on that Wednesday and so I spent my birthday home with my wonderful husband and kids.  I was disappointed but I am trying to plan a second try at our getaway in the coming weeks.  What is funny is I was really looking forward to eating while we were gone.  I know, but sometimes a couple of bites of something is so worth it to get the craving sufficed.  We had planned on getting cheesecake at the Cheese Cake Factory and eating by the fireplace in our room after getting out of the hot tub....still looking forward to that.  So we had nice birthdays with our immediate family and we had done dinner with Tony's family so that was really nice. 

Another thing that has happened in the last week or so since my last post......the scale has not been very nice.  Now let me explain how I feel about this.  I am not as distraught as I figured I would be.  I set a goal to be 250 by February 3rd on my 35th birthday.  Well I only had 1 pound to go and then........boom here came what I am hoping is only water weight.  I have been having a few female problems and so I am thinking that is the main culprit but I also know that since I was still getting over my respiratory virus I had not been to the gym then we had the blizzard so the treadmill and I have not be on a date for a couple of weeks now I think.  Yikes!  I sure miss it.  We have a hot date tomorrow at 1!  So my birthday came and the scale did not read what I wanted.....I remembered what I weighed last birthday and though  wow you have come a long way.  Another reason why I will not let that silly scale get me down is because those Levi's actually fit better now than when I bought them and I continue to put pants in my to big celebration bag.  I guess I should add this about the bag......I have  big gift bag that has balloons on the outside of it.  After the holidays I found it and instead of storing it with the other birthday bags I decided to make it my "celebration bag" all my clothes that are to big go in the bag to be give to others or donated.  Each time I put something in the bag I celebrate my success.  So I am sure when the scale does hit 250 I will be just as happy even if it is a week late or so. 

So life as a banded woman has its ups and downs but overall I am still so happy with my results.  I will be so glad when spring gets here since I am itching to get outside and do some walking and stuff. Hope you are finding some peace in the challenges you face each day.  As much as I want to throw my scale some days I am thankful that it helps me stay accountable and reminds me to be thankful for even the days it is only ounces that I lose!  Take care! 

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