Tuesday, January 25, 2011

About time for an update???

So I have to apologize that I have not done much blogging lately.  I have several things to blame namely the fact that my lap top is in for repair and the another huge one I have been pretty sick lately with a virus.  Hopefully my HP Mini notebook will be back from repair soon and I feel better today than I have in almost a week!  So in some ways I guess I have a lot of updating to do!  Total weight loss to date is 73 pounds!  I set a goal that by next Thursday my 35th birthday  I wanted to be 250 and I have 1 pound to go so I am feeling pretty confident that I will meet that goal.  I am not one to set very many weight loss goals but I decided what the heck.....wouldn't be awesome to hit 250 for your birthday so I feel like I will have something extra special to celebrate this birthday!  A HUGE thing today for me was I went to Good Will thinking I would try on some smaller jeans if they had some and luckily they did.  As I went into the fitting room I reminded myself that if I am not ready for the next size not to freak out......FREAK OUT yeah I did when I put on a size 22 Levi's and they fit.  Now I have to say.....I was wearing a 28 3 months ago and I don't know if ever in my adult life I have had a pair of Levi Jeans on.  So maybe today I felt like I had something to be excited about.  Since I have been sick I have not been to the gym much in the last week but I am hoping tomorrow I can go spend some time at the gym getting back in my routine now that I can almost breath again. 

The next couple of weeks are pretty exciting in our house.  Sat the 29th is Tony's birthday, Thur Feb 3rd is my birthday and I am thinking that Tony and I may go out of town for a night or two and then Sunday Feb 6th is one of the best days of the year, the Super Bowl.  Tony and I always have a party but this year will be even better since the Steeler's will be showing the Packers how real football is played.  The party planner in me is already planning on what I am going to make for the party but the new brain in me is saying.....can you eat that??  LOL  

This leads to an observation that I have made.  I have an old brain and a new brain thing going on.  The other day I told Tony that I knew what I wanted for lunch....a juicy Cheeseburger....be looked at me sort of perplexed and said okay but honey you usually can't eat burger.  lol.   Well I explained it is what my taste buds want not maybe what my band wants.  So I find this happening when we talk about certain restaurants.....right away I know what I want then I realize...yeah maybe not.  I have to say the last week or two I have done much better with tolerating foods.  Granted the last week has been alot of soup and sherbet but when I have tried to eat most of the time I have been successful.

So lots has been happening most of it is great.  Hopefully it will not be as long till my next post!  Hope all is well with you!  Take care friends!

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