Monday, January 10, 2011

I like working out!

Wow I never thought that I would say that!  So today was my third day at the local gym.  I have this huge fear of looking like some of the contestants from the Biggest Loser and flying off of the treadmill so I have been sort of avoiding using the treadmill.  I started my usual routine on the bike again today.  So I have been doing about 3 miles but today I decided that I was going to set the goal of doing 5 miles in 25 minuets.  At first I wondered if I had set to hefty of a goal?  Well I pedaled my bike at a nice moderate speed.  As I seen the miles tick off it hit me that I was enjoying my time on the bike, listening to my christian music on my ipod, just God and I peddling away.  Next thing I knew I was averaging a mile in less than 5 minuets.  Wow that feels great!  Ended up doing 5.3 miles in 25 minuets.  I don't think that is to shabby.  I enjoyed my time there on the bike doing something for me!  As many of you know this is a new concept for me and most moms.  I do believe that as I take care of me, I am becoming a better wife and mom....well at least one that is surely going to live a longer healthier life.  So 5 miles down.....hmm these abs.....I guess I should go work them a little!

So I go into the "weight room" as you can imagine I am the only woman in there but I head to the few ab machines that Tony had shown me how to use.  I have found 3 different machines that I seem to like and I did 3 sets of 15 reps on all three machines.  Hmm do I want to do some arms???  Not today.  I guess even though I have always felt like one of the guys, this is not an area I feel comfortable at especially now just starting out.  Tony will be able to go with me tomorrow so maybe he can work with me more in the "weight room" so I feel less awkward in there with all those guys. 

So back to the "cardio room" well the same old lady is still on the other bike that I like.  This one also works your arms.  So at this point I say to myself and God...."Well lets try the treadmill"  Surely I won't fall off??  I am not even on the Biggest Loser show!  LOL  Okay so I will admit these treadmills at the Forum Fitness center in Rantoul look really nice and everyone comments on how nice the new treadmills are so surely they are fool proof right?  So I get on and push the button to start like I have been watching people do.  So I start moving the treadmill and I feel like it is going sooooooo slow.  It is like a drudgery.  So I mess around with it then finally decide to swallow my pride and ask the senior citizen lady who I had seen on it earlier if she would help me.  I felt sort of dumb but she too agreed that she did not know what she was doing.  Both older ladies commented that they needed someone to walk around and help people.  Well leave it to the one lady to say, "well honey, I am going to go get someone to help you!"  So I thanked her and chatted with the one lady who is on my bike by the way, and then here comes this nice guy who gives me a crash course on how to work the treadmill! I seriously told him, "please do not let me end up like one of the contestants on the Biggest Loser and fly off of this thing!"  I assured me that I will not flu off!  Wow now I feel like an expert after his wonderful explanation!  I ended up just trying it out today.  I did a mile at 3mph with an incline of 1.5.  I know that does not sound very good but it was a start.  I have talked to friend who gave me some tips that her trainer has given her in regards to mph and incline so tomorrow I will try Shailo's advice. 
So overall I did a lot today for someone who has not exercised for what seems like forever.

 I am really enjoying this transformation that I am going through.  I have really learned that is it okay and important to do something for myself.  I feel like working out  makes me feel better about me, I feel less stressed and I feel like I am accomplishing something.  I may not be the fastest or stay on a machine the longest but I am there and that is more than I can say for myself in a long time.  After today's weigh in I am at 65 pounds lost.  I have 59 more to go to meet my goal.  I sort of thought it would take forever to meet by goal but I will admit I am less doubting now.  I know that each pound is going to be harder but I also know that I AM doing this!!!!  Thanks for all of your support!  I hear many times that my friends can not afford the gym but I encourage you to do something even if it is doing some old fashion jumping jacks during the commercials or if it EVER warms up we can go for a walk!  Well more to come in the next few day!  Take care!!  Jane

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  1. "Like" this. :) And jealous. I need to get into the workout thing!!!