Saturday, March 26, 2011

Purged the closet again

The wardrobe drama after a major weight loss is never ending.  I feel like my closet and drawers are getting lighter and lighter as I loose weight.  Well leave it to my friend Jen to come to the rescue yesterday.  One of my best friends has had phenomenal results from her weight loss plan that she has been working on for a few years.  I think she has lost a half a person and I am so proud of her.  She is such a great friend since she is able to chat with me the challenges that we women especially face after major weight loss.  Not only did her and I have a wonderful lunch and excellent girl talk yesterday she gave me some of her clothes that she is way out of in her journey.  I knew some of them were about a size smaller than I needed but I still was thankful to her for giving them to me.  To my wonderful surprise I realized that I am in the size in some of the shirts and such!  It was so exciting to have some shirts that were an 18/20.  When is the last time I wore that size???  So to recap.....I was in some 30/32 and now I had some 18/20 on last night?  HOORAY!!!!  While I was putting in some new things and some things for in a few weeks I went through my closet again and have another huge pile of stuff I can take to consign.  Yesterday Jen and I talked about how it is sad to get rid of some of your favorites.  I have a little black dress that I have worn to a wedding and a couple of other nice outings and sadly it is too big.  I told Tony that I will need to buy another little black dress when I get at the end of my journey and he will have to take me somewhere nice!  I officially have no shorts so I am on the search for cheap shorts at my usual stops of Goodwill and Salvation Army.  Jen did give me a couple pairs of Capri's but I think they are a size smaller than I am now.....maybe I will have to work hard and make those be my new size :) 

So not only did I get to go through some old close and set them in the "Celebration bag" I got some new awesome clothes from an awesome friend.  While we had lunch she posed a couple of good questions.  Ones that I have thought a lot about and decided to share them in case you too have wondered what my answer would be.  Jen has always been the type of friend who can get me thinking :) 

 When I first started the journey I said my goal was 225 since I remember playing basketball at that weight....well Tony encouraged me to set a goal of 200 since he thought I would be able to achieve that.  Well as Jen pointed out yesterday I am 34 pounds from my goal.  She wondered if I was going to re evaluate my goal.  Hmmmm that is a good question.  I guess I do want to be ONEderful and hit 199 but I think after I hit 199 I will discuss this with my Lap Band doctor and my primary as to what is a good range/goal for me.  I never did this to get to the average size.  I mearly wanted to get healthy.  I do know that you need goals so I am guessing I may set smaller goals of 10 pounds at a time maybe.  Great that has me thinking. 

Another question she has asked me is, at what point do you allow your self to treat yourself with bread, sweets, diet soda?  Well overall I am still very ridged on what I allow myself to eat.  Except for the almond m&m's  (why are those my new addiction?"  lol  Bread I don't think will ever really come back into my diet because my band really does not like such stuff.  So my band may win on that one.  Sweets?  Well I allow myself to have stuff but not much and also I have noticed that my band does not care for much cake and stuff.  The only thing that I will not allow myself to have at this time and I will at some point probably in moderation and that is Diet Coke. I was a pop addict.  I still wonder if I have the willpower to not fall back in the habit.  I know that sounds funny to me too.....not have the willpower??? I know I have lost 90 pounds but I just am afraid that Diet Coke could beat me!  At least I recognize it.  mmmmm I can taste one right now :)  The nice thing with Lap Band is it does to an extent remind you to eat slow, chew well, and even eat foods that it wants.  Breads and Pastas are not friends with my band.  With that said, my lap band loves ice cream and such so I have to really use my willpower in regards to that :)   So I guess I will always operate like I do now except maybe branch out and try a few more "treats". 

So things are very exciting for me.  I feel great, I get so many compliments and I personally and starting to believe that I am looking great.  I have always had a decent self esteem but I did have a few years there where it was not at its best.  I am so thankful that I had the courage and determination to do this for myself and my family.  My kids love that I am able to be more active with them and I have a feeling that my husband loves the new woman he is married to.  Have a great day and do something for yourself today! 

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