Friday, October 8, 2010

So far so good!

So it is finally Friday!!  Yippee!!!  So I started my pre-diet on Tuesday and I have to say it has went very well so far.  It seems like the scale is already liking the progress so you know it makes it that much more worth the effort.  I have stated that I want to always be open and honest about the process so here are my confessions.  Have I cheated????  Possibly. On Thursday we went to visit Tony's family and as we were getting ready, habit came in to play.  He said, "we will just grab something on the road."  Well then it dawned on him that life as we know it has changed a bit.  I did not panic but said  that I can have some lean meat so maybe if the girls want to go to McDonald's I can get a chicken sandwich and toss the bun and just not get fries.  Well Tony felt that was to much temptation and he was probably right  so we decided to go to Subway where I was able to get a 6" sub mainly with veggies from the healthy menu.  It may have been a little over my 300 calorie main meal allowance but in exchange I skipped two of my snacks for the day so I was probably still under my allotment for the day.  I did have a diet coke both yesterday and today but really that is okay since diet soda is allowed on my current diet.  Once I have my surgery I am suppose to stay away from caffeine for a week and carbonation for 6 weeks so I am trying to eliminate diet coke now. Today we took the kids to Allerton Park in Monticello and had an  awesome day.  We decided to have a picnic and I decided that lunch was going to be my big meal.  So I had some ham and some carrots.  I have to say I am sort of surprising myself a little since of course at the picnic there was bread and chips.  Then on the way home Tony thought that we would stop for a DQ treat.  Poor Tony feels bad that he keeps forgetting about me but I want to keep things as close to normal for rest of the family.  It has not bothered me to sit with the family while they eat what that want including ice cream.  I did do the grocery shopping today and really had nothing in the cart that I could eat except for some 1% milk, a couple lean cuisines and vitamins.  What I did not have in my cart was chips, cookies and other crap so I did tell Tony that if it gets to be to slim pickings around here he may have to start getting the kids some junk food but I think those days are going to be less frequent now.  This is a family change, but a change for the better. Saturday I am going to do one of my favorite past times, garage sales, and then in the afternoon we are going to a wedding.  At first I was freaked out about the reception but I think if I eat smart I will be fine and can enjoy the reception.  I appreciate everyone who has shared many kind words of encouragement. I especially appreciate my wonderful husband Tony who has been so supportive of this whole journey.   Make sure you make yourself a follower of my blog so you do not miss an update.  Have a great weekend and I will be back soon with another entry to my journey as the new Mrs. Sprandel. 

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  1. Way to go Jane! I am proud of you! Stay positive and keep your eyes on the goal. :-)