Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Officially banded!

So the big day arrived yesterday and overall it went great!  I was scheduled to arrive at 8:30 and it seemed like no one was there when we pulled in.  Surgery mornings there at Olympian Surgical Suites are almost tranquil.  It was so nice how quiet it was and how much attention I was given!  Of course I had to take a pregnancy test and for the first time ever I was glad I passed.  lol   I got to change into my wonderful hospital gown, a few standard tests and starting of the dreaded IV.  The lady did great starting my IV so that was a huge relief.  They give all patients for this procedure heparin a blood thinner shot into the belly to prevent blood clots so you know I was all for that since my mom and all her clotting issues.  So finally they let Tony come back and sit with me for a little while.  Dr Rohrschiebe came back and chatted and made a good joke that lucky I was second since he just finished doing the first case and it went great so he knew this would go even better since he had already had his practice run.  They are so nice there, which helped me relax.  Pretty soon around 9:30 the anesthesia guy came in to give me a little something to relax and boy did that work!  He told me after this you may not ever remember going back to the room and boy was he right!  So the next think I remember is taking big breaths and starting to wake up.  This is typically the worst part for me since I tend to get sick and well I did just a little.  The wonderful nurse gave me a little something for the nausea and well that knocked me out.  I don't know if I have ever slept that much after a surgery.  Poor Tony I was not keeping track of the time and once the doctor came out around 10:30 to tell him that my surgery went great my organs look great he did not see anyone till around 12:15.  Needless to say he was a bit worried but knew I was in good hands.  So it seems once Tony was allowed back there things really got moving.  Was given some water and that went down with no problems.  Pretty soon it was announced we were going to walk to the bathroom and that went well and since your up how about you get dressed.  By 1:15 we were headed home.  That made me very happy.  I was so groggy but I was able to go home!  We stopped so Tony could pick up my liquid vicodin.  Wow I am getting alot of vicodin lately!  When we got home my wonderful nurse Tony got my situated in bed and I got to rest off and on till about 4:15.  Each kid and dog checked on me a few times.  The kids have been so helpful since having both of my surgeries.  I guess I am a good nurse to them so they are trying to mirror my behavior.  I got to have a  couple of sugar free Popsicles last night and water.  I was very sleepy last night so if I talked to you on the phone sorry if it was short and sweet.  Went to bed and slept pretty good.  I seem to wake up every two hours to go to the bathroom so that was good.  I am sore today and a bit gassy.  They fill your stomach with a gas so they can work and well you have to get rid of that so thankful lots of hiccups today so far.  The kids are at school and Tony went to see his family.  So today is a good day for me to rest and not feel guilty for ignoring anyone.  I am sure shortly I will be doing some traveling so I better get rested up as much as I can.  I appreciate the many prayers and well wishes I have gotten so far.  Some people do not get this kind of support from their family and friends.  I am lucky.  Well today I can have sugar free jello, Popsicles, water, sugar free drinks and broth so clear liquids. I am not allowed to have any carbonation for 2 weeks but I have pretty much given that up as of a few weeks ago.  Well I guess I will wrap it up for now and I will be filling you in more each day! 

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