Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's for lunch?

So today is 10/5/1O and as you are sitting there you may have just asked yourself what's for lunch.  Well I know what I am having for lunch for the next 14 days....pretty good planner aren't I??  Not really!!  Today was the day I was to start my 2 week pre-op diet.  I had a tasty..really it was, chocolate protein shake first thing this morning and then a some V-8 juice mid-morning.  I will be heading to the kitchen after this post to grab another 8 oz shake.  Tony asked me a little while ago if I was "hungry" yet.  To be honest a little but I really feel this is a mind over matter thing.  Rest of my day will include some more V8 followed by a weight watchers entree for dinner.  I can have some yogurt this evening so that will probably be my evening snack.  So in total I will come in around 800-1000 calories.  A far difference from my Fudrucker's burger and fries from last night.

 Can I do this????? HELL YEAH, I can do this!!!  I have had several people ask me if I am nervous.  To be honest I am not because for a long time I have been worried about being here for my kids in the future, being able to walk due to the stress on my joints, or just the fear of not fitting in something or not being able to physically do something with my kids .  We all know my parents did not give me all of their best  genes health wise so for medical reasons  is the number 1 reason I am doing this.  I am so glad to say that I may be a morbidly obese person but as of now I am very healthy but I do not want to wait for the day that the shoe drops and I am facing some of the same obstacles many in my family have had to worry about such as diabetes and heart disease.  I am so thankful for a few friends who have overcome the "I am a healthy obese person" mentality to help me to be inspired!  I thank my friends Jen W and Dan M who have shown me that one step at a time a healthy big person can achieve life long health and happiness!  I hope that sharing this blog I am able to also inspire someone to step out of their comfort zone.  Lap-Band is a tool in a new life that I have chosen to live.  Hopefully as we make this journey together I will be able to share how I got to the point of deciding that Lap-Band was going to be apart of  my journey.  Well thanks for joining me for my pre lunch thoughts, have a great day! 

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