Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome to the journey!!

Welcome to the journey that I have chosen to pursue.  As you may know and some of you this may be a new announcement but on Tuesday Oct 19th 2010  I will be going in for Lap-Band surgery.  I have thought long and hard about this and I feel that now is the time to change my life forever.  I am thankful that I will have some followers on this journey!  I have always had challenges with my weight and the Lap Band procedure is a great tool to help me make changes in my life that will help me with my overall quality of life.  Here is a recap up till now:

A few times in the past I had thought about having Lap-Band Surgery but it was not until March of 2010 that the idea became a reality.  I met with  my new primary, Dr. Walker at Christie Clinic in Champaign and on my first appointment he asked me if this was something that interested me and I felt it was something that I wanted to look into more.  A few weeks later I met with Dr. Rohrscheibe who will be performing my Lap-Band Procedure.  So from March until June I joined Weight Watchers and lost 18 pounds, did my physical, my psch exam,dietitian visits  and my monthly doctor check ups all things to prepare for my insurance to decide if I qualified for the surgery.  Things were full steam ahead until June 10th when I injured my ankle by tearing the tendon in my left ankle which ended in me having surgery to repair it, while my ankle was injured I gained most of those 18 pounds back but my doctor was pleased that it was not more, so that was different from most doctors I have had in the past.  I was approved for my surgery by my insurance carrier but due to being on crutches I had to put it off.  On September 21st my podiatrist for my ankle released me back to work and the following day I scheduled my Lap Band surgery.  So today I am 16 days from my surgery and I am about to start my pre surgery diet.  I will be limited to 800-1000 calories a day.  This is primarily a liquid diet and it is used to shrink the liver before surgery.  I will keep everyone updated on this part of the process.  I will admit that I am a little concerned about this diet but I know that I can do it.  I will try to inform and educate everyone as I go along this process.  Thanks for joining in on my journey. 

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