Friday, November 5, 2010


So many of you probably read my post the other day about being thankful and I hope it got you thinking about your own life.  Well as I sit here I am feeling a little sorry for myself.  I know that it  is crazy but here is the deal.  My scale is stuck!  Now I have been educated and told by my medical people that I have done WONDERFULLY and that.....I will probably level out a little and boy were they right.  So last Thursday when I went for my check up I was 295  then by Monday morning I was 289 and I have stayed there all week.  So why am I complaining about 6 pounds total for the week?  Good question.  I guess what it boils down to is the scale has become a bit of an adrenalin rush but in a great way now.  I get so excited weighing in every morning hoping to see another half pound or more gone. 
I could sit here and question everything I have put in my mouth but I won't because overall I have been very good following my outlined diet.  I have tried a few new foods and chewed them well and some have not really agreed with me but that is how you learn slowly I guess.  I am still amazed how little I eat now and but yet  I am satisfied. 
I feel like I am becoming one with my body more than I ever have.  I have always believed that a woman's cycle has alot to do with their weight and that could be why I had a 6 pound weight loss for the week.  I asked a good friend how often he has weighed the last year during his weight loss and he too weighs daily and typically reports weekly on his blog so that is my plan too.  I am interested to see if me starting the Depo Provera shot again will have any bearing on weight and it better not be in a bad way!  Also my primary has changed one of my meds so hopefully that will continue to help control the insulin in my body.  I am not currently diabetic but due to family genetics and the fact that I have PCOS my body does not process insulin like it should, typically metformin can help with weight loss. 
So yes I am thankful for this weeks 6 pounds and I promise that when I get a little down I will remember the big number.....35 total since I started this whole process! 
I am very excited that Tony and I are going on Saturday night but I do not have any clue what we are going to do.  A date night use to revolve around going somewhere good to eat.  We will eat just have not  decided where yet.  I really wanted to catch a movie but when I go to the movies I want popcorn.  It is still a little early for popcorn so I am thinking I need to find another idea for date night.  Whatever we decide to do I will totally enjoy doing it with my wonderful supportive husband!

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