Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rain Rain go away!!!!

Where is the sun? So it is the second day of this gloomy weather and I am ready for the sun to come out!!! When the weather is gloomy it is hard to feel excited and happy about the things around you. Overall today was a good day despite the weather. I was able to find positive things on this gloomy day. I seen a post from the News Gazette on Face book today encouraging local bloggers to fill out a questioner to possibly be used in a future story. Each Sunday they interview a local celebrity about a variety of things. I decided that I could do the survey. It does not matter if my answers are used, because I was able to see what a great life I have.  Up to now I have had a good life and the future is even brighter for me. We all have our challenges day to day and I am learning to deal with them more each day. I feel like as the pounds come off my ability to encourage others has increased. One of my friends recently went to the doctor and he suggested that she take part in a very aggressive type of diet. This diet is very expensive so it is not a possibility at this time for my friend. I have tried to reassure her that she can lose weight by just watching what she eats, how much she tries to work extra movement into her daily life, but most importantly she has to BELIEVE in herself, but also I am here for her. The thing that has helped me the most with my success is that I have believed in myself and others have also believed that I can be successful. Today I was proud of myself for not letting my work stress get the best of me. Work has been hectic lately but I am getting better about only freaking out about the things that I can control. Instead of freaking out I decided to work hard on modeling the behaviors that I want some of my coworkers to mimic. I can only hope that they noticed how I try to do all that I can to help the team with a smile. 
It always makes me feel great when I have people comment on my amazing weight loss. I prefer to call it a transformation. Not only have I lost a large amount of weight but I have also gained a lot of self confidence. I enjoy blogging and sharing my story with others in hopes to inspire others to do something to improve their lives in one way or another. I want to inspire others to make a change to make their life even better than what it was the day before. I seen a post on someone’s face book page the other day, “ is it more important to be remembered as being a giver or one than who takes more than they give?” Of course most want to be remembered as a giver but sometimes it is bad to give to much. I need to learn to let others help me and rely on them more than I do. I tend to do to much and then get overwhelmed.

I am busy with work, being a great mom, driving kids all around and trying to work on my overall transformation but yet I like to take some time and blog and inspire others. How did your day go? What can I do to inspire you? Helping you make me stay accountable too!  Have a blessed day!

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