Sunday, September 25, 2011


Overwhelmed is how I feel lately.  I am a very busy mom to three wonderful kids, I try to be a great wife, I am a busy advocate for our school, and I work full time.  Add to that I am trying to get my self to a set goal on the scale and that can spell disaster!  Life changes are a journey with no distinct beginning or end.  I began the journey of weight loss to shed some weight to get healthy.  Never did I dream that I would  have lost over 100 pounds in less than a year.  Never did I dream that I would fall in love with the gym.  Never did I think I would be wearing a size 18 pair of Levi's rather than a size 28 from Lane Bryant.  Never did I think I would be able to self talk myself to doing some running on a treadmill to finish a mile with a personal record.  Nor did I think that some days it would be hard!

I always say since this is my blog I can say what I want!  Well to be honest Lap Band and weight loss surgeries in general get a bad rap. Over the weekend one of my favorite trainers Jillian Michael's posted a link about a woman dying from Lap Band.  I was upset with the article!  It sounds like to me the lady was at a quack job type of place to begin with.  The simple truth is this.  Can you die from Lap Band of course you can.  What you have to do if find an approved specialist to make sure that the surgery is right for you and you know what is involved with the surgery. 

I have talked about how the biggest battle of Lap Band for me is still controlling the "emotional" eating.  I have had a stressful week and there were times were I felt that a chocolate shake or ice cream would make everything all better.  Truth is it doesn't and it takes willpower to not allow those old ways to creep back into your life. 

I had a really bad day on Wednesday and I was asked if I wanted to take rest of the day off or a few days off.  I must have really been crazy.  I decided no that I was going to regroup and be a big girl and take the issues one step at a time.  So after a great pep talk from my friend Becky I was able to pull up my saggy pants and go out there and control what I could at work and what was not my problem or I could not control....I was going to try not to let it bother me.  This is extremely hard for a perfectionist. 

So Thursday and Friday I did pretty good at work taking care of what I can control and what is my responsibility and not letting other things overwhelme me.  Looking forward to another great week at work starting tomorrow at 5am.

Over the weekend I was able to get alot of house cleaning done and it was needed!  I threw away some stuff, started getting rid of some stuff that is to big, and that is always a great feeling.  So it is Sunday night and I had a great day at Seth's football game, had a wonderful family meal with all 5 of us and my dad came over for ham, cheesy potatoes, green beans,  It was yummy.  Made a couple of pans of Pumpkin bars and like usual Raegyn and I took some to the older couple next door.  It just warms my heart to share with them.  Getting ready to watch some Steelers football with my boys! 

So work is going better, good weekend at home, that just leaves my journey.  I did alot of thinking this weekend about my journey.  I am so pleased with my journey but I have gotten a little off track on it so I have set the goal to work out more this week, do my at home physical therapy for my shoulder, eat better and try to take some me time this week.  I have been so busy focusing on my family and my job that I sort of forgot about my journey a little.  I need to make it a priority since when I make JANE a priority everything else falls into place.  I will try to blog more in the next few weeks while I get back on track.  Please keep me accountable.  Also along the way remind me to take me time, to not sweat the little stuff and especially to not sweat the stuff I can not control if I am going to sweat it better be on the treadmill!!  Take care of yourself.  What can I do to help you???

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