Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back in my workout routine

So as you may have noticed my journey with weightloss has slowed to a slow crawl.  I have talked about how success can be measured.  When I look at the scale is seems to have gotten stuck and some days even seems like there is some extra fluff on the scale with me.  Is this classified as failure??  Heck NO!  If anything the scale being stuck or somedays not being kind to me is a sign of success....I don't let it bother me, if anything it makes me want to work harder. 

I took the summer "off"from working out at the gym so that I could attend all three kids playing summer ball.  I did try to be active walking more, working in my garden and just trying to get out and MOVE.  So I promised myself that once football got started for Seth I was going to go back to they gym.  Well it took me a few weeks to go back and those first few weeks I just visited a few times.  This week I got fired up and decided that I was ready to do it for ME again.....ME taking charge of my health was what needed to be a priority again.  So this week off to the gym I went,  I decided that I wanted to do a 1 mile push as hard as I could speed walk on the treadmill.  Mondays time  14:24 now to many of you that may seem sad but I was thrilled.  I immediatly sent  Tony and my friend Becky my time and as always they had kind responses back.  Later that night I emailed a few other friends who do some running and such and asked them to guide me  as to what a good time is...and how to continue to get better but insisted I am not a runner nor do I want to be one.  The next day my friend Lynn emailed me and said, "why not become a runner?"  She then went on to share a great link with me.   So I checked out this link which helps you prepare for a variety of races.  I looked at the 5K novic routine.  Heck many days it is less than what I am doing now on the treadmill so I asked myself....."Why can't I become a runner?"  So I have to clarify I can not run 1.5 miles but what I can do is walk at a pace of about 4.2 miles per hour and push myself to jog several times at 4.7mph.  I did the 1.5 routine on Tue and Thursday.  I took Wed as a rest day.  My time of Tue 21:36  Thur 21:14 So there has been some improvement.  I think that I am going to try to use this as a guide for me.  Am I going to run/walk a 5K in 8 weeks?  I doubt it but I never thought that I would be jogging on a treadmill so anything is possibble. 

I feel proud of my new accomplishment.  I am thankful to my friends and Tony for encouraging me to push myself and try things outside of my comfort zone.  I honestly enjoy working out and the sweat I have been working up feels great.  I feel like I am growing in so many positive ways. 

So the question I first posed.....Am I still being successful with my journey?  More than I ever imagined.  My life has changed so much.  I work out, I try to eat healthier, I try to believe in  myself more that I ever have in my life, I feel 100 times better with 100+ pounds gone. 

Like any journey there are ups and downs, obsticles, joys, and sorrows.  I seem to have a few not so good for me foods back on my regular food list and I have to be carefully that I do not indulge in them to frequently. 

I always say it and I truly mean it....I appreciate all of your love and support on this journey.  I pray that your Labor Day weekend is safe and enjoyable.  I do encourage you to get back on a healthy lifestyle yourself after this last horrah of the summer.  Take care of it for your family...but most importantly, do it for YOU.  YOU are worth it! 


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