Sunday, June 26, 2011

Top Ten comments made since my surgery.

  • Number 10  WHAT IS YOUR GOAL WEIGHT?  Well my original goal before surgery was 225 but then I changed it to 200.  I have said that the ultimate goal may be 175 but once I hit the 200 pound mark I will probably take that 10 pounds at a time.  I don't believe I need to let the scale dictate my success.
  • Number 9 WHEN ARE YOU HAVING THE BAND REMOVED? Well my goal is never!  If a band is removed it is usually because there is a major problem.  My band is apart of me!
  • Number 8  CAN YOU EAT THAT?  Well if I am putting it in my mouth I probably can eat it or in logic I will be able to.  There are really no foods that you can not eat.  I choose to not drink pop and really alcohol.  Many foods like breads, rices, etc do not work well.  For me personally meat is not usually my friend either.  If you want to be successful you should try to also limit your sweets, high fat and calorie foods too. 
  • Number 7 IS TONY GAINING ALL OF YOUR WEIGHT?  No  is the answer.  I do feel bad that in the beginning I do think he gained a few of mine because of the whole, don't waste food idea.  We are all a lot better about not doing that.  I think since I am now a hundred pound lighter and I was always about 50 pounds heavier than Tony, it looks like he is alot bigger than me.  Not that this is not encouragement for tony :) 
  • Number 6 AREN'T YOU AFRAID YOU WILL GAIN IT ALL BACK?  Well since this is a lifestyle change I plan to not gain it back.  Can it happen??  Well sure it is weight loss.  The band will always be a tool in my tool box.  I have to continue all the other things that have helped make my transformation successful.
  • Number 5  ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE PLASTIC SURGERY?  Well that is a good question.  I would like to say at this time no.  I am not a terribly vain person.  Tony seen all the skin when it was full of fat so I guess now we know I am that much more healthier he will still love me.  I do feel that I need to work harder on strength training to firm up but lets face it some will never be gone.  IF it becomes a medical issue or something I may have to do something but at this time no plans due to cosmetic wants.
  • Number 4 DON'T YOU WISH YOU WOULD HAVE DONE IT SOONER?  That is a loaded question.  I wish I was ready sooner.  I was not ready to change my whole life forever until about a year ago.  Once I was ready for a forever change the time was right.  I am glad that I recognized it was time. 
  • Number 3 YOU WERE ALWAYS SO PRETTY.  Well I agree but I would hope I look prettier now.  :) What the truth is, that my body and my soul were not healthy. I always had a good self esteem but my weight was starting to play with that and my general every day living.  It was time for a health change not a beauty change.  I have always been and will always be beautiful.   
  • Number 2 DO YOU REGRET TAKING THE "EASY WAY " OUT TO LOSE WEIGHT? What did I sign up for the wrong surgery???  Lap-Band surgery is far from an easy way to loose weight.  This may be one of the hardest but yet rewarding things I have ever done in my life.
  • Number 1  YOU DID NOT HAVE SURGERY DID YOU???  I have had this asked of me many times very rudely.  I take a big breath, smile and say yes, I did have Lap Band surgery.  I am not ashamed to share my story and let people know this is what was right for me. 

I truly enjoy sharing my journey with all of you.  Please do not feel bad if you have ever asked any of these questions you are not alone.  It is not bad.  Many people do not share as openly as I do about having Lap Band.  I am not ashamed that I needed help.  I want to help others too so if you know someone who may be thinking about weight loss surgery, trying to lose weight in general or someone who may enjoy reading my journey feel free to share my links and my information.  I love helping and talking to new people.  Have a blessed week! 

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