Monday, June 13, 2011

New Hobby

So as some of you may know, we decided to plant a garden this year.  Everyone was so excited, they were all going to plant, water, weed and harvest.  Well so far we have planted twice on some items due to the pesky rabbits.  I have been weeding and watering.  Raegyn I have to say has been the best helper in regards to the kids and Tony has helped out in my garden too.  So the Garden and now my flowers are becoming my new hobby rather than eating!  I seem to have so much more energy, I am physically able to do the work easier now, and I am not so hot so I enjoy being outside working.  It is great exercise too.  So today like I said I needed to replant some items that have been eaten by the rabbits.  They ate all of our broccoli and our peas so the girls asked me if we could try water melon and Cantaloupe and of course since I am a softy I said sure.  I decided that we needed more corn so I also planted more corn today where the peas once were.  While I was out in the garden center today I seen to perennials marked down and I thought hummmm they look like then need a home!  So I bought them and planted them in front of my house.  Since I have been focusing on my garden and spent some start up money on it I still have not planted my flower pots.  That is my goal for the week but gosh flowers are not cheap!  I have been to a few area garden centers and I think tomorrow I am just going to go to my ole standby Urbana Meijer and get some annuals. 

I have never really understood how people can enjoy gardening well until this year when I have been able to truly enjoy it as a hobby rather than as work.  I pray that my plants all do well.  I am a newbie to all this but I am learning as I go and having fun trying! 

This week is filled with work, 4 baseball games, 2 doctors appointments and maybe some pool time.  Over the weekend I am going to a school board presidents training session on Saturday and then the kids and I are participating in the Relay for Life event in Champaign County.  If you would like to support us while we help raise money for the American Cancer Society let me know and I will send you our link online or you can make a donation to me in person. 

I hope you have had a great Monday, I know I have!  Take Care!  Jane 

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