Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To fill or not to fill??

So last Thursday I was faced with the decision weather or not I should get a fill in my band.  I had not had a fill since December 7th and typically fills are given every 4-5 weeks.  Since I was doing so well my doctor gave me the option to work the program on my own for as long as I could and if I started gaining, having problems or the scale stopped I could give him a shout and we could give me a fill.  Well we all know that I am bull headed so I wanted to keep trying on my own.  In the last 2 months I had only lost 7 pounds.  So on Thursday I went in and the PA and I talked about it and we decided that we would take the conservative route and give me a small fill.  Well she was having a hard time getting the fluid in so Dr Rohrscheibe came in and worked his magic.  I have a feeling that he put in more than she would have but that is okay.  I am feeling pretty restricted.  As far as weight loss I am at 6 pounds since Thursday but the first few days I was eating mainly liquids.  We also discussed that I am having problems with meat especially so their is concern about me getting enough protein.  I am back to trying to drink a protein shake a day so hopefully this is the jump start I was needing.  I am so close to the 100 pound mark and I plan to have a special blog to commemorate the event. 

I am so very busy with my kids and all their ball games.  Working full time still.  Went to a school board training the other day and learned alot!!!  Our vacations are just around the corner so I am soooo busy!  Sorry I have not been blogging much but I am so loving being a mom and spending time outside rather than sitting on the couch with a lap top in my lap.  Well take care and I hope the 100 pound mark comes any day now! 

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