Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vacation to Kings Island

So we have just returned from a great family trip to Kings Island in Mason, Ohio. We had headed there to participate in the SpiritFest christian concert fest. Some of our favorite bands were there: Newsboys, Skillet, Chris Tomlin, Disciple, KJ52, Toby Mac, Red, Jeremy Camp, Family Force Five and more. Family vacations are always an adventure in families but even more so with the Sprandel 5. We had a regular room this time rather than a suite and boy could I tell the difference….it felt like everywhere I turned there was a kid underfoot. We packed a lot of stuff into our 4 days. We seen many concerts, road some rides, checked out the awesome water park and did some shopping at the outlet mall before heading home. Any time a family travels it is hard to keep everyone happy. No need to share stories I am sure you can top me with any of your family travel stories. As a family it was fun.

Traveling after losing 100 pounds was a different event in its self. Some of the highlights. I am sure I did not eat enough. It is hard to find foods that agree with me. Seeing that I really do not eat fried foods, bread, meat and such does not leave much for someone to eat at fast food places or amusement parks. So did not eat much food overall and what I did eat did not seem to agree well with me. McKenna had totally banned me from Slimming within her hearing or sight. But yet I can hold her hair when she is vomiting. Only a mom’s love will do that. J I seem to be having some problems in the digestion overall department so I am hoping this week I can get some of this figured out before we head off on our week long vacation in Kentucky.

In a good note I was able to ride many rides feeling so much more comfortable, was able to walk without being tired or worn out, no pain in my knee. So 100 pounds less made a huge difference on this vacation. Also while on this vacation I was able to do some shopping. I tried on a cute coat at a Meijer store and it was an extra large. That was amazing to me. I did not buy it since it was more than I wanted to spend on Ohio State wardrobe since I am Orange and Blue Illini except when cheering with my husband a true buckeye. When Ohio and Illinois compete against each other I am all about my beloved Illini. Another exciting/sad thing was I got a bra fitting today it was sort of a mixed experience feeling. I was wearing a 48DD and now I am a 42C. Love the 42 part but was sad that I am down to a C but I guess we can not all be perfect.

Overall it was a great trip and I am glad that we got to have this great time together as a family and look forward to more future trips. Hopefully I can get the whole eating thing figured out better this week before our next adventure.

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