Saturday, August 6, 2011


For those of you that know my father who happens to be named Phil, this post is not about him in particular.  The girls have named my Lap Band "Phil"  The decided that since the Lap Band gets a fill that it should be clearly  named, Phil.  It is sort of funny that the kids will be eating and will ask how "Phil" is liking his dinner.  They will even report to Tony that, "yeah, such and such food made Phil mad tonight."  It is sort of cute! While we were on our vacation with my dad a few times the kids would comment about "Phil" and my dad would either answer or be what???  LOL  Oh poor Pop Pop he gets so confused. 

I am so thankful that I have chosen to be 100% honest with others about my weight loss journey.  I enjoy telling people about all the good and bad of my journey.  My kids have a really good grasp of how the Lap Band works.  I am glad that they have an understanding of what the bands job is in my journey.  They know that the band is a tool not the sole reason for my success.  I think if I were to ask the kids if they are happy to have a healthier mom they would all agree unanimously.  It is such an awesome feeling that my kids can all hug me and get their arms all the way around what a feeling!   "Phil" has been a little crabby the last few days but we are becoming better about communicating on how to keep in perfect harmony.  Have a great evening! 

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